ORGAN THING OF THE DAY: New FOOT VILLAGE drug deal of a video, DOES around Europe, ATOMINATED thrash out of Dublin…

fpptvikkagealbumwebThing? “You published 138 posts” so said the eye that monitors these things, Thing number 139 of the born again no thrills Organ then, don’t go getting in a flux about things, just passing a thing or two on, here’s what FOOT VILLAGE have been doing this week?

“Hello Villagers! Our new video, for “This Song is a Drug Deal” just came out yesterday. We are very excited about this one, as it is the first music video made by the band! With Citizen Rowan handling the lion’s share of the work, we put this together with the help of friends and fans as well. Thank you to everyone that made it possible!!”


“And of course, our new album is out now on Northern Spy. Wondering if it is any good? Of course it is! It is the best! Just listen for yourself to decide via our soundcloud. Have a good weekend everyone! Love, Foot Village


“After adding some colour to Amsterdam, Does packed his bags and loaded his car with paint and blank canvasses to drive to London. Check-in at the Eurotunnel in Calais went smoothly. Upon exit in the UK there were a few question at customs about all the equipment in the back of the car. While the spray cans raised some eyebrows, Does and cameraman Stephan Polman were able to talk their way out of this and off they went into the streets of London”.

“Next week the journey continues on to another European city. Until then, we hope you enjoy this second official video for the ‘Endless Perspectives’ project”.

Still busy building up to Red at Cultivate, getting the place as RED as red can get, no real time for Things today, a little bit of time to catch up with the no messing thrashing hardcore crossover punk-fried metal onslaughts of Dublin’s ATOMINATED and their most recent EP


Flux?  Here’s a FLUX OF PINK INDIANS album (1984, Spiderleg Records) parked here for no other reason than


Posting number 140? Tomorrow, maybe….


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