ORGAN THINGS: New MAYORS OF MIYAZAKI, Exclaiming on SIXONESIX, a classic SWEET TOOF down the street


Mayors Of Miyazaki - Human ResourcesWhat  we are is what we are and there is no reason why there should be a link to a 1978 John Peel session from Wire here, but there is, there is no reason why there should still be some kind of Organ, but there is, a fly in your ointment, a fly in your eye, an iron in your fire, there can never be too many irons in your fire and what we do is what we do, no more, no less, circle slowly while we throw links and signposts and things at you, throw them at you so you can go explore or go ignore, go barbecue, go buddy go. Sounds like those Mayors have quit all that hipster emo shouty yelping, taken on a healthy dose of Deerhoof in their with their with their obtuse energy and galloped off towards some rather interesting pasture with this. the first taste of their new album, sounds like they might be building on the ir early promise, this is good….

here comes the PR hype now….

“I’m excited to be sending you the first track from London three-piece Mayors Of Miyazaki’s new album, “Holy Cop”. It’s 1:22 of hyperactivity, with competing male / female vocals, that keeps it short, sweet and doesn’t dare outstay it’s welcome. Produced by Harvey Birrell (Fugazi), “Human Resources” is sort of like a cross between Deerhoof, The Fucking Champs and the shouty likes of Help She Can’t Swim and Johnny Foreigner, and is just one of many excellent songs on their record. If you want a download of the whole thing, just let me know.

Their next full length, “Holy Cop”, will be released on June 3rd on We Be Records on digipak and limited cassette formats. This will be their second album, and will follow a split 7″ with Death Pedals that was released at the tail end of last year”.

Exclaining on SIXONESIX


The art of Vyner Street…

The art of Vyner Street

MAYORS OF MIYAZAKI UK + Ireland Tour 2012….

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