ORGAN THING OF THE DAY: Free DEATH RATTLE download, ding dong the witch is dead and a slice of DOP D.O.D….

Death Rattle’s avatarthings? Death Rattles? The end of everything, be smart about your art and the business of getting it out there, do it yourself, you don’t need to pay for advise, or to network, especially when it appears to be the continual stating of the bleedin’ obvious – tip of the day, when painting, use the end of the brush with the hairs on, that  will be £15 please, thank you very much….

Stop press, the wicked witch is dead….  Ding dong the witch is dead….

Word from DEATH RATTLE – “Hello. A new free download single White Ropes is released today from London-based electronic duo Death Rattle. The single appears on the band’s second EP ‘Fortress’ due for release on the 29th April”.


Anyway, have we got a thing of the day? How about Dop D.O.D? You already got that healthy slice of Death Rattle there…

DOP D.O.D have released a brand new video, Millenium Falcon, kind of like it, like the way it bites

Here’s some words, words cut from the press release, the basic astroid tripping facts….

‘Millennium Falcon’ is the second song taken from the forthcoming album, ‘Da Roach’ by Dope D.O.D. The video was shot on different locations around the world and references different movie styles. Set in the past present and future the video is another example of why the Dutch Hip Hop collective are taking the Hip Hop world by storm.    Their second studio album ‘Da Roach’ is produced by Peter Songolo along with up comers ChuBeats and Maztek and more established names like Noisia. Collaborating on the mic are Onyx, RedmanDa GoldminerzSean Price  and Kool Kieth all inspiring each other to push the lyrical boundaries of Hip Hop.

The wicked witch is dead….

HEFNER – The day that Thatcher dies



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