shoes11THING OF THE DAY? LAPSUS LINGUAE are back at work up there in Scotland, that has to be a good thing of the day? We thought we’d heard the last from one of the finest bands of this )pr any other) century but word is leaking, bites and tastes are quietly flowing out of Glasgow/, Lapsus Linguae are back and this is a very very good thing indeed. Most bands reforming is not a good thing, some of them just never go away, some promise farewell tours and then let us down by announcing new tours a year later,   Bowling for Soup, only five minutes ago, invited the Organ inbox with a promise that they are on a long-overdue farewell tour when you know damn well it won’t be long before the already booked reformation tour is announced/    Bands, go away! Stay split, your time is up, you’re  far and old, your hair has fallen out, you can’t paint the town red anymore, most bands reforming is not a good thing, Lapsus Linguae are back and this is a very very good thing indeed

ORGAN – ALBUM REVIEW – APRIL 02 – There are moments on this album that are as beautiful, as uplifting, as challenging as anything the Cardiacs have ever done – in fact the whole of this glorious album is that good, and as equally compellingly unique with the swooping strings and orchestrated jumps. It will restore your faith in absolutely everything”


Studio recording from 2006-7; rough instrumental mix circa 2012. Accompanied by gig footage circa 2006, edited 2012. Vocals due to be recorded early 2013, album release late 2013.


Lapsus Linguae piano takes and “studio” footage

Lapsus Linguae’s Penelope Collegefriend and Magaloof Taylor recording piano for the forthcoming album “This Is Puberty” due for release in late 2013. This clip also includes some footage of the band setting up microphones to record in their stinking rehearsal room in Glasgow’s east. Foolhardy.

NOTE – the audio heard is from the integrated video camera microphone, NOT the final recordings!

And here’s so,e past LAPSUS should you not be familiar with their glorious past in the shape of their 2002 mini album YOU GOT ME FRAICHE


in their own words….

“Erupt­ing in 1999, these ones admin­is­tered their bare, bloody hands exca­vat­ing the bones of the great old one whose short name is Piano-constant, Neo-classically Pro­gres­sive, Post-metallic, Hard­core Max­i­mal­ism: First and final hiero­phants of said sub-cult, these ones have dom­i­nated by default ever after — a priv­i­lege akin like emperor Tuvalu chuck­ing up one’s own trash…

In 2007 it with­drew into a vis­ceral chrysalis of internecine per­fec­tion­ism and crip­pling anx­i­ety. Mer­ce­nary phar­ma­cists together the coun­sel­lors and hyp­no­tists fight­ing it a guerilla cam­paign — even­tual vic­tory cost her­alded by apoth­e­o­sis to states of pure energy — sin­gu­lar, nubile spirit unen­cum­bered by depen­dency of record label par­a­digm, flit­ting ethe­real plane through infor­ma­tion highways.

Like teams of micro­phone — wield­ing seraphim, tran­scrib­ing its own trans­mo­gri­fi­ca­tion; SOON two deka­log, “Ghosts” und “This is Puberty”, dis­til in mate­r­ial and dig­i­tal ves­sels; these ones con­versed with the birds and traced the courses of the stars in the night sky: Though such aus­pices are nought-wise unequiv­o­cal, this one sur­mises that by hither cometh ten and two wax­ings and wean­ings of the moon, the great work shall be complete”.


PIKY, “PENNY RED” – Red Revised show at Cultivate.

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