ORGAN THING OF THE DAY: it goes it goes it goes DOPE BODY

Things things, things coming up,  things indeed, fings. Thing is, DOPE BODY, things is dope, here’s the body, they got that buzz, ir is it a hum? That electric current flowing through, they’re from Baltimore, wired then, Dope Body are wired, they’re urgent, Dope Body are urgent, urgently wired, it goes it goes it goes Dope Body.

Dope Body are on tour, today London, tomorrow the red lands of Manchester, the day afrer that Cardiff… Organ Recommended gig tonight over at the Lexington, the dates are all here, they hit Paris later in the week, Barcelona, they hit everywhere, things go things go things Dope Body…  Go where you want to go, see who you want to see, do what you want to do….


Dope Body “Youth Relic”

Dope Body Live @ Espace B Paris 3/11/2012 (Full Show!) Part 1/2

Look people, it works like this, when there’s bands like Dope Body flying at our heads and digging holes in to our souls we do not need e.mails threatening us with things that sound like the godawfully tedious constant disapointment that is those Foo bloody Fighters  – “If you’re after a hard copy, please let me know and I’ll post one through to you. For fans of: Foo Fighters, Nickelback, Pearl Jam, Velvet Revolver, Audioslave, Stone Temple Pilots etc” said some band just now.   NO! We don’t want hard copy, we don’t want Foo Fightera and we most certainly do not want bands who claim they are for fans of Foo Fighters!!! No no no! Nickleback!! For flip sake, why would anyone form a band who are “for fans of Nickelback!”?????

Dope Body “Weird Mirror”

Dope Body “Leather Head”

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