artisttaxidriverTHING OF THE DAY? DADDY PIGS? KAYO DOT TEASERS? Time for some MT WARNING, MARK McGOWAN pushing a pig

Mark McGowan (aka The Artist Taxi Driver) is gonna push a toy pig for 4.1 miles from 10 Downing street to the Bank of England oink oink, with his nose in protest of the government’s sale/destruction of the NHS. Come along and support him, not only for his own health issues but also to support his protest which actually speaks for all normal individuals who rely on the NHS for the sake of their health and well-being! Much love and respect to the artist taxi driver, see you at the starting point and I’ll be with you for some of the way! Come along and show your support.

“This is a teaser trailer for the upcoming 95-minute Kayo Dot album, HUBARDO. These clips are UNMASTERED, which means that the final version of the recordings will be louder and clearer. Please listen to this mix as loud as possible and on good speakers to get all the details and low end.

kayodoartworkWe’re still running a pre-order for this album over at  We need to raise a lot more money in order to pay for mastering and manufacturing (about 200 copies), so please don’t hesitate to preorder now, and share this widget, so that we can get the album out in time for our tenth anniversary in Autumn 2013. Thanks for your support!”

Toby Driver on behalf of Kayo Dot

And here for your further delight is a slice of classic Kayo Dot from times past while they tease us with wor kin progress from the new album…

From the band’s own website,,,

“Boston-born, and now New York City-based veteran avant-metallers KAYO DOT, led by Toby Driver, are set to hit the studio for their 7th album, Hubardo, this April. This album will mark the 10-year anniversary of KAYO DOT’s debut and landmark release, Choirs of The Eye, and the band will trek out to Avast Studios in Seattle, Washington, with producer RANDALL DUNN (SunnO))), Wolves In The Throne Room, Black Mountain) returning to the helm.

taxiartist_flyerHubardo is an approximately 90-minute conceptual epic double-album, with story and lyrics written by longtime lyricist and former MAUDLIN OF THE WELL vocalist, Jason Byron. Musically, the album covers the spectrum of all of the band’s works, from the sparse doomy elements of Choirs of The Eye, to the blast-beat, woodwind-driven Gamma Knife, the chorus-bass goth fusion of Coyote, and even lush orchestrated prog moments harkening back to the days of their previous band, MAUDLIN OF THE WELL, and, as with all the band’s releases, Driver and Co. venturing into new territory.

The album sees a returning cast of characters with Toby Driver on Bass, Keys, Guitars and Vocals, Terran Olson on Keys and Woodwinds, Daniel Means on Woodwinds and Synth, Mia Matsumiya on violin, Tim Byrnes on Trumpet and Horn in F, the first proper studio recording with Keith Abrams on drums, and the first recording contribution of longtime live collaborator Ron Varod on Guitar. Hubardo will also feature a very special guest vocal appearance by Jason Byron – his first recorded appearance since MAUDLIN OF THE WELL’s 2001 albums, Bath and Leaving Your Body Map.”

This album will be self-released on the band’s own imprint, ICE LEVEL MUSIC

Time for some MT WARNING
Some new beauty from the rather glowing MT WARNING,  a new video just released, Burn Again (video directed by Evil Twins Taylor Steele & Todd DiCiurcio).  Burn Again, was the first song to leak out, finds us in the middle of the life journey, after the innocence of youth to confronting the hard truth that life can be overwhelming when there is still so far to go.Released this week to co-incide with the 7inch vinyl release at ROUGH TRADE RECORDS.

How MT WARNING explain it

“When Mikey Bee was playing a solo show in Australia, film-maker Taylor Steele happened to be in the audience and was intrigued by the performance. The film-maker approached the musician with a question, “how would a song sound from a man sinking into the ocean?”. The musician answered with a song washed with anticipation, determined lyrics, and denial. The filmmaker next showed the musician footage taken of people all over the world just before the sun rose one day, and asked to hear what that would sound like…A discovery of new music was explored. Together they pushed the idea of a song telling a unique story while being part of a visual story played out over an album. A journey from one side of the day to the other, as much as from one side of life to the end.

mt_logoMikey would piece together the compositions during late night sessions in the studio. He’d put the songs together by jumping around the room from guitar, to piano, to drums, to bass. And by sunrise each day, Taylor would have something to make new notes on. He would check that all music, lyric and tempo were still telling the story each song was supposed to; from the feelings of big dreams in youth to the realisations and heartbreaks of old age, and all the emotions in between.

The outcome is an exchange of ideas which became the foundation of a sound true to it’s representations. A recording of the interactions between us & what lies just beyond, utilizing music as the medium. Once the songs were locked in and they were happy with the tale they had created, Mikey went about assembling a vagabond crew of players to translate them live. Each sound becoming a narrator, the player a character, all there to enhance the stories.

Burn Again, the first song to leak out, finds us in the middle of the life journey, after the innocence of youth to confronting the hard truth that life can be overwhelming when there is still so far to go”.

mt_shac kwellMT WARNING are in London this coming Wednesday evening, playing a free gig, here’s what it says on the ever vitally useful LondonGigs website where we happened to recommend it….

ORGAN Recommends MT WARNING, DIANA @ Shacklewell Arms, Shacklewell Lane, Dalston, 20.00, FREE tickets here‘MT Warning ‘Beautifully uncluttered slow burning multi=layered atmospheres from a band who might be climbing peaks that might have already been scaled by other alternative shoegazing dream pop types before, but when they do it with kind of effortless style. then I suspect we’ll happily go with them again and again” (Organ)’


Meanwhile the man in the taxi thinks we should be a little more engaged (and maybe exclaiming?) about the banksters….

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