Thursday, I knew a cat called Thursday, he was born on a Thursday, his sister was born on a Tuesday, that’s not the Thing Of The Day though, we could just have Cat Youtube of the day, that would keep you more than happy, never mind no music or no art, cats is what the internet is for, cat scratch fever, here’s a new POIL video, Poil rule, you know that already though

We’ve told you about Poil before, new video though, so we can tell you about their French madness again, they;re rather tasty in a hardboiled way, awkwardly good, a little more to chew on if you know what I mean, POIL RULE!

More?  No, no more, Poil will do for today, Poil have a stranglehold on things today, Poil are what you need, we know best, don’t argue, go get the Poil album, Ted would agree, Ted maybe a prize a-hole, but he still knows how to smoke that riff, his foot-in-mouth bulpoop can’t take then songs away, we’re pretty sure Ted would think Poil rule.  Burning question of the day is, is this for real?

Okay, a little more, it was the pin khair that reminded me – these Australians aren’t quite as raw and on the nail as they were back when they first blasted out with that glorious debut album, their new one came out this week, probably their third, I haven’t been paying that much attention, these are busy times, I haven;t got time to sit around counting Airbourne albums. New album goes by the name of Black Dog Barking, the band are called AIRBOURNE, here’s a taste, over produced and too much polish, still, with AC/DC way over the hill now, this is about the the best you can hope for until they sort out time travel and we can go back t othe Highway to Hell tour again – I do believe the band’s first ever interview in this country appeared on the pages of Organ, Airbourne that is, do believe we did say at the time that we hoped they never made enough money to start getting over produced, they did, they are, they still rock though, some of us around here like Airbourne….

What’s that you say? You want more AC/DC…. Angus never sounded this good!

Enjoy POIL, We’re out of here until tomorrow, whenever that may be,,,,


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