ORGAN THING OF THE DAY: GEORGE OSBORNE, Tory Chancellor, we’re all in this together…

eastt1Thing of the day, George Osborne, wallpaper magnet and multi-millionaire government minister, well not so much George, more Mark McGowan’s polite restrained well-reason view of George, I very much doubt The Tory Chancellor will ever make Thing of The Day around here, Mr McGowan,  artist taxi driver on the other hand, pusher of pigs and driver of drives, now Mark McGowan does deserve  the honour for it is an honour) of being Organ Thing Of The Day… The question is, is George as bad as his brother John? Come on John, or Ozzy or whatever you’re called, someone has to tell you, as gloriously vital as you band once as, this new Black Sabbath stuff really does suck a big pile of turgid only here for your money bluuurggghhhhh, think we’d rather donate our ‘ard earned to the Queen and help out with the poor old deer’s heating bill than have anything more to do with your turgid new record and your dash for more of our cash, enough, got to go, taxi!



Meanwhile somewhere back in 1976…. AC/DC

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