sketchhSunday bloody Sunday, but that don’t mean you have to settle for Pope Bonio. Here’s   some music for yer, all of it at least 57 times better for you than that one tune U2 have, or that damn new Daft Punk album that you all need to shut up about already. And while we’re here asking you nicely to shut the flip up about that new Daft bloody Punk album, can you street artists please shut up about Upfest you damn uppests. enough of the congratulating yourselves already, we know you had am “Awesome” time and he’s “Awesome” and so is she, and such “talent” and blah bleedin’ blah,  now shut the flip up about it and go take yourselves an artistic risk or two please.  Here’s some music, feast away, I’m off to watch the rerun of the Tudors and demand a head or two, that or paint another dirty great flower in time for Thursday bloody Thursday and the Flower Show

First up, here’s some new MARVIN, the new album from the trio from Montpellier (that’s  France don’t yer know) . The new album is called Barry and Barry is out tomorrow (June 3rd) on the ever excellent AfricanTape label. and very tasty it is, you don’t need a review, you have ears, here it is…..


alo_eastern1Second up. we have our old Northern English friends VESSELS threatening a slight change in musical direction with their new album, we also have them playing a show here in London this coming week, tomorrow actually, Monday, 3rd June, at Cargo, East London. Here’s a new video, the audio for which is available as a pay-what-you-want download from their Bandcamp.  For those of you not down here, those Vessels are up there in Leeds on June 6th doing their slightly changed-in-direction thing that still sounds very much like the rather refined Vessels to these finely tuned ears. Looks like they’ll be passing Marnie Stern. for she plays Leeds on the 3rd and London on the 5th,…

THIRDLY, third up, third in line this Sunday bloody Sunday, MARNIE STERN is on the road in the UK right, Leeds tomorrow, Bristol next day, London of the 5th, then off to Europe. We can just about overlook that cheesy album tittle. THE CHRONICLES OF MARNIA, she’s still living up to her reputation as “the lady who shreds”, doing a little mote than just shredddding that guitar again this time around though, no standing still here either…….




Forth up, there is no forth up, three is enough, only meant to be a Thing, no one said Things! That new Marvin album is more than enough of a thing for today….

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