ORGAN THING OF THE DAY: New PET SHOP BOYS and RING and things. What a fine band Ring were…

PET SHOP BOYS - Electric

PET SHOP BOYS – Electric

ORGAN THING OF THE DAY? We had that Neil Tennant in the gallery the other day, he didn’t say much, do rather like those PET SHOP BOYS, no one else around here appreciates me playing my Pet Shop Boys albums all night long, no feeling of warmth all around here.  This new track is called VOCAL you find it on the forthcoming album ELECTRIC….  This has been a moment of pop art self indulgence, not a guilty pleasure though, pop music this good should be celebrated… and you have love their design as well, never mind no Roger Dean, how good was that 2009 Yes album cover!  Here’s that new song…





Other pop stars who have been in the gallery.…That bloke out of Senseless Things, that bloke out of Adam Ant’s band, that woman who was a Robot with the Mighty thingy, Scott Ian out of Anthrax waving a can of black spray paint and hitting our walls with NYHC signs, that bloke from Cutthroat Convention with his scissors sometime while we were closed.  Fast Eddie Clarke came in once, Miss Roberts from those Rude Mechanicals. That Christian Hayes, Cardiacs guitarist, was a live Pet Shop Boy for a bit…

Miss Roberts & a serious lack of Rude Mechanicals

CHRISTIAN HAYES and his Levitation band somewhere back in the last century

CHRISTIAN HAVES and his Ring band somewhere before Levitation and Cardiacs and Pet Sho pBoys and things, didn’t we release this (tape) album via Organ back in the day?  What a fine band Ring were…

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