princesssmusicnTHING OF DAY… Things, today we have things, musical things, things of beauty.

Colorado’s PRINCESS MUSIC have announced the release of their debut album, “Odobenidae” out on September 3rd on Hot Congress Records

Here’s what their press release says, in their own words, slightly translated from their American to our English. We bring you this for we are not critics, just erectors of signposts, signposts to point your way to things of interest we wish to share with you…

“Princess Music are comprised of five musicians, musicians that play with chamber orchestras of varying size. The group is fronted by Tyler Ludwick, a man who orchestrates playful complexities and rich harmonies with a mixture of expertise and mirth. He applies his classical finger-style to an electric guitar, composition skills to string and woodwind textures, and passion for percussion to the polyrhythmic and irregular meters of the music. Princess Music displays high emotional and intellectual IQ and expresses poignant narratives found within the arrangements, which embody subtle pop sensibilities that create a sanctuary for even the most casual listener.

Princess Music began as the humble project of composer Tyler Ludwick. It has since become a tonal hologram crafted from his obsession with walruses and orchestral music. Equipped with a desire to convey purity, passion, and the power of the chamber orchestra, Princess Music is releasing their debut album, Odobenidae. Odobenidae is fashioned as a song-cycle of eight pieces, undulating between the dungeonesque depths of classic rock grime, and the playful heights of bantering woodwinds and strings. It is sonically sewn together to form the chimerical world of the walrus. Never lacking in drama or caprice, Princess Music has crafted an album intent on mirroring the nature of our lives”.


Next a chain link of events that lead to CHASTITY BELT, HOT FRUIT and,,,

…and well, we have our old friend, and music critic, for that is what he says he is, a man who job is to criticise music,  Mr Everette True and Collapse Board to thank for this one,

“Someone commented on Hot Fruit thus: “I love women who produce art for themselves and don’t ask for your approval. Women can be brave and rude and intelligent. Women can make you uncomfortable and they can set their own terms.As The Stranger pointed out, these sentiments could equally apply to the press photograph of Seattle’s Chastity Belt, taken by Sarah Creighton.”

Chastity Belt

Chastity Belt

Don’t you just love the way the internet word of mouth spreads, no more waiting for the inkie press on a Wednesday morning, or the fanzines to come out whenever the next one came out. Chastity Belt, Hot Fruit come at you today, on these Organ pages, via a link put up on one of those social media sites by one Alan Holmes, he of that fine band Ectogram and such, that took us to see what Mr True was talking about and then in turn to Collapse Board, The Stranger and that always interesting radio station that is KEPX over there in Seattle

KEXPpresents Chastity Belt performing “Seattle Party” live in the KEXP studio. Recorded December 29, 2012.



And here is a taste  of said HOT FRUIT


and a little more PRINCESS MUSIC


And what might just be the best bit of PRINCESS MUSIC, so far, saved to last…

Princess Music – “Homage to Neil” Live from the Brass Tree House during the Underground Music Showcase, July 28, 2012. via

More of these signposts, pastings and generally sharing of things tomorrow (maybe)


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