fluximage002Where were we? What?  Got an e.mail somewhere here in the overflowing Organ in box, something to do with One Little Indian Records re-releasing Flux Of Pink Indians classic slice of ranting anarchic goodness that was, and indeed still is, 1983’s Strive To Survive. Here’s the cut ‘n pasted press release, you can listen to the record down the bottom, all anarchy ain’t it…  I’m sure the label would like us to say the reissue comes with a 40 page booklet, a blow up Thatcher doll and well actually it comes as three disc set –  CD one features  Strive to Survive Causing Least Suffering Possible plus the  Neu Smell EP, .the second CD features the Strive memos and the third disc is a recording of the band Live at Shepherds Bush Empire…

Here’s the cut ‘n pasted press release we threatened a moment ago…

“Originally released on the band’s own Spiderleg label, One Little Indian will re-issue Flux of Pink Indians 1983 debut ‘Strive To Survive Causing Least Suffering Possible’ in re-mastered form on 8th July 2013.  A classic of its genre and time, the double vinyl pressing includes the re-mastered album plus the band’s infamous debut EP Neu Smell (produced by Penny Rimbaud and originally released 1981, Crass Records) and the band’s original album demos. All formats restore the original 1983 artwork, while the CD and download package adds a live set from Shepherds Bush Empire in November 2007, capturing the band when they reformed for a one-off supporting ex-Crass singer’s Steve Ignorant’s ‘Feeding Of The 5000’ show.

Considering all the principles and beliefs that Flux stood for, I had mixed emotions as to why we should play the show,’ admits drummer Martin Wilson of their initial reservations over reforming, but ultimately, as Colin Latter (vocals) opines – ‘The opportunity to play all those great songs from Strive, and alongside Steve of Crass, was too compelling to say no to.  We were able to reproduce the album with more power than we ever had before.’ ‘I wasn’t sure how it would feel playing a gig with the band again after a break of 25 years,’ concurs Kev Hunter (guitar), ‘Especially as I’d hardly picked up a guitar in the interim, but as soon as we started rehearsing it just felt right.’

‘I was astonished at how much interest there still is in Flux’ says Martin.

The line-up on the night was completed by bassist Ian Glasper, who had met Colin and Kev while researching his anarcho-punk book ‘The Day The Country Died’.

Formed out of the ashes of The Epileptics in 1980, Flux Of Pink Indians were contemporaries of Crass – with whom they played many times – and synonymous with the strict vegan, anti-capitalist, anti-Thatcher ideology of the anarcho-punk scene of the day

Sonically the re-master reinforces the bands uncompromising message – it is angry punk rock, played hard and fast without extraneous polish – a visceral reminder of just how fiercely politicized the underground musical and cultural landscape was.

The original ‘Strive’ line-up comprised Colin Latter (vocals), Derek Birkett (bass), Kev Hunter (guitar), and Martin Wilson (drums). By 1986 the band had shortened their name to Flux and released their third and final album, ‘Uncarved Block’, by which time Birkett had started the fledgling One Little Indian label”

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