ORGAN THING OF THE DAY – That HORSEHANDS rush! Yes! Check out Boston-based post-punk trio Horsehands…

Thing of the day? Well if we fed you one everyday, you’d just take it for granted would you not?  Our good friends over at New York’s BTR think you need to know about Boston’s HORSEHANDS….


“I thought you might be interested in this video featuring Horsehands. They’re a Boston band and were recently in for a session with us. I’ll include the links in case you’d like to check it out” said Maggie over at BTR”

“The BTR (Break ThrU Radio) Live Studio features a mix of breaking and established musicians playing exclusive sets in our studios, then sitting down for a chat with host Maia Macdonald. Maia is a musician and DJ who’s been involved with the music scene for a number of years and has a knack for asking the questions that musicians actually enjoy answering|”

Horsehands – BTR Live Studio [ep245] from BTR Live Studio. Like this? Watch the latest episode of BTR Live Studio on Blip!

BTR  say “Horsehands are a Boston-based post-punk trio. Not necessarily the post-punk you may be thinking of, though, with “angular guitars” (we never really knew what that meant either) and off-key yelps, but truly something AFTER punk rock. More in line with Guided By Voices — who the band is quick to identify as a key influence — than Fugazi, Horsehands weave weird, whirling, winding melodies and grooves into a jazzed-up, spazzed-out take on pop. /// Featured song: “Knots Of Windsor” /// Complete broadcast and audio playlist: /// Horsehands’ latest release, Sirs, is now available. /// Official website for Horsehands: /// Facebook: /// Twitter: @hrshnds






There you you go, links, visuals, audios, a Supergrass cover (are you going to tell these fine Boston soundmakers that they need to explore some Cardiacs or shall we do it?)

horsehandsfacesMore of these kind of things later, tomorrow, sometime, maybe…..


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