ORGAN THING OF THE DAY: KOREKYOJINN and that legendary YES medley!

a_exclaim1Sunday bleedin’ Sunday, or Monday, ow whatever, – at least I know where Bistrotheque is – been busy, “What about some Things!” you say, things is too busy for things, what with the over-officious fun police, Tower Hamlets council, the graffiti patrol, the flooding season kicking in early (where’s the Indian Summer!?).  None of that matters, we’re here today aren’t we, the thing you need to be concerned with this week is the legendary Yes medley! (and yes, for once, an exclamation really is needed)

Yoshida Tatsuya, he of Ruins and such, brings KOREKYOJINN to London this week, the deliciously hardboiled Japanese supergroup outfit are at Cafe Oto this Wednesday, and this time they  are threatening us with their outrageously tasty Yes medley…



Here’s what Cafe Oto have to say about KOREKYOJINN.

KOREKYOJINNAfter a successful night with Charles Hayward at Oto last year, they’re back for European tour again,  we are proud to have them back, and this time they will perform their much talked about “YES medley”!  Formed in 1998 by Yoshida Tatsuya, who has been cited by John Zorn as “[the] indisputable master drummer of the Japanese underground”, Korekyojinn is a progressive-jazz-rock band determined to redefine the polyrhythmic ensemble.

The band’s name translates to ‘This Giant’, a sly pun inspired by THIS HEAT and GENTLE GIANT, two band’s the group draws inspiration from. The Japanese word ‘kore’ translates as ‘this’, while ‘kyojinn’ means ‘giant’.

While the style of Korekyojinn may be recognizable to fans of Yoshida Tatsuya’s other acts, the band has carved out a sound all its own. The trio dance on razors, are sharp as a tack, and their overwhelming ability jettisons them into the outer limits – where progressive rock and contemporary jazz collide into a breathtaking, futuristic, hard rock funk.

KOREKYOJINN is an All-Star ensemble, with some of the greatest talents from Tokyo’s fervent progressive/avant rock scene:

Drummer Yoshida Tatsuya founded RUINS and KOENJI HYAKKEI. He is a member of KK NULL’s ZENI GEVA. He has also performed with ACID MOTHERS GONG, SAMLA MAMMAS MANNA, John Zorn’s PAIN KILLER and many more.

Kido Natsuki is leader and guitarist of the cult prog rock band BONDAGE FRUIT, and member of progressive tango band SALLE GAVEAU. He has recorded as BLACK STAGE with KEIJI HAINO.

Bassist Nasuno Mitsuru completes the trio. Nasuno is known from his work with GROUND ZERO, progressive rock outfit UNBELTIPO and the highly acclaimed ALTERED STATES.

Service Minded presents: KOREKYOJINN + DRUMM CHIMP at Cafe Oto, Wednesday 18 September 2013. Tickets : £8 adv / £10 on the door

DRUMM CHIMP (a.k.a. Hamilton Industry) released his first album, the droney and psychedelic ‘Retro Nebulizer’ in 2006 on the Unlabel label. The second Drumm Chimp album is due to be released later this year.  As a drummer, Hamilton is a member of Part Chimp, Die Munch Machine, Shit and Shine and the Notorious Hi-Fi Killers.



Korekyojinn @ Cafe OTO 03/10/2012



More of this some day soon,,, tomorrow?


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