ORGAN THING OF THE DAY: A new FOOT VILLAGE video, new single from THE FIERCE AND THE DEAD and some Zs and…

fpptvikkagealbumwebORGAN THING OF THE DAY –  There’s almost always another thing, thing is here’s so,e musical things….

FOOT VILLAGE have a new video, this is a good thing… “There is a new Foot Village music video! For the song “New Jersey” off of ‘Make Memories’ (on Northern Spy).  It is directed by Alec Sutherland and we’re only releasing this video direct to fans, no press sends. So if you dig it and want other people to see it, please take a moment to share!!”

fierceandthearkFour piece London instrumental band THE FIERCE AND THE DEAD have a new single, the release date is today, I’m guessing that means that, this being the 21st Century, just means they have a sound-file thing you can hear on-line that you can pay for electronically and buy a download of should you like what you hear, rather than some round black piece of beauty that you’ve been anticipating and that, this being the release day, you can now go rushing around to your local  record shop and buy a copy.  Ark is a taster of melodically complex band’s forthcoming new album Spooky Action, the album is out next month, Ark is a melodically relaxing slice of tuneful mathy prog rock flavoured goodness that comes with a nod towards cult 80’s prob bands like IQ as it journeys forward hopefully….

“Ark is the lead single from the forthcoming album, Spooky Action. This bundle contains two tracks not available elsewhere – a remix of Ark by Emmett Elvin (Chrome Hoof, Guapo, Knifeworld) and The Icy Tundra Of Tharg, featuring James Orman of Silvery as guest vocalist”.

Here’s footage of experimentalists Z’s in action


And seeing as we name-dropped the majesty that was early IQ  –  THE LAST HUMAN GATEWAY from IQ‘s 1983 album Tales from the Lush Attic


More of these things tomorrow…..

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