ORGAN THINGS OF THE DAY – SHEPARD FAIREY on artist RAVI ZUPA, who are DREAMCRUSHER and can your ears take it? And who are NONAGON? And DEATH IN TEXAS?

ORGAN COLLECTION OF THINGS OF THE DAY…..SHEPARD FAIREY on artist RAVI ZUPA, who are DREAMCRUSHER and can your ears take it? And who are NONAGON? And DEATH IN TEXAS? Who are Death in Texas?

Oh the beautiful immediacy of some cut ‘n paste and some link style signposts to send you on your way. I like Shepard Fairey, when he steps out to bring an artist to my attention, then I shall damn well pay attention..


Ravi Zupa

Ravi Zupa

I see a lot of great art, but as an artist with an astounding command of a broad range of techniques and aesthetics, Ravi Zupa is a rare find. Ravi demonstrates mastery in a renaissance painting style, collage, printmaking, and drawing. The rich fusion of techniques in his work could be presumed to be appropriation, but it is not… all of the elements were rendered by Ravi.

I’m very honored that Ravi included my Obey star graphic in his “Santa Muerte” screen print because I love the art and Ravi and I have several shared interests in D.I.Y. culture, printmaking, and propaganda art. I think the process Ravi used to create this piece is amazing: he cuts the art out of a traffic cone like a linoleum cut and uses the cone as his plate. That cone produced the black portion of this screen print with some small liberties taken. Ravi is a true craftsman and a unique talent. I urge anyone who is in the LA vicinity to come see Ravi’s work in person.

Ravi Zupa

Ravi Zupa

RAVI ZUPA: HARD DREAM (October 26 – November 23)

SUBLIMINAL PROJECTS is proud to present new work by Denver based artist Ravi Zupa. Hard Dream is Zupa’s first solo exhibition in Los Angeles and is a testament to where he comes from, where his mind has traveled, and the extent of his innate artistic eye and capabilities.

Hard Dream will open to the public on Saturday, October 26 with the artist in attendance and will be on view through November 23. SUBLIMINAL PROJECTS will be releasing a limited edition artist print in conjunction with the exhibition.

Zupa’s paintings layer imagery referencing a variety of cultural symbols and styles such as traditional renaissance painting, Japanese wood block prints, North American sign painting, tyrannical propaganda, and religious iconography. The manner in which Zupa blurs one cultural reference into another and collages canvas, paint, ink, pencil and prints provides a balance between the past and present, creation and defacement, man versus machine, and dreams versus realities.

We’re certainly in a hard place and the realities that we find ourselves in force us to dream hard dreams. But with hard dreams comes deep freedom. – Ravi Zupa, 2013

A second, more playful series in Hard Dream depicts a selection of tasks one can perform with opposable thumbs. Animal characters, some of which have appeared in Zupa’s earlier works, are portrayed engaging in human activities that specifically involve weapons, hunting, exploration, and sport. However, the only human characteristic of these figures is the opposable thumb. Is Zupa providing a witty commentary on human behavior and practice versus what we are actually capable of accomplishing in the world?

In an age of over stimulation and exposure to anything and everything from the past present and future, Zupa’s paintings speak to the idea that meaning is created through how we combine and structure what we see, feel, know, and learn. In this way we are able to dream up something more beautiful, more dynamic, that is greater than just the sum of its parts.

Zupa’s art education started with his family and continued on at his local library. He is in his mid-thirties and is based in Colorado. He has had solo exhibitions in London, Copenhagen, Denver, San Francisco, and Mexico City”.

More info: RAVI ZUPA



DREAMCRUSHER, who are they? “This album was inspired by a vast series of traumatic events that took place in 2012”, Suicide Deluxe came out earlier this year..- “Dreamcrusher. Nihilist Queer Revolt Musik. Electronica. Wichita, Kansas”. .They started following Organ on Twitter, so we checked them out….

NONAGON are a “raucous, three-piece, music concern from Chicago that’s been playing together since the early-to-mid aughts. We play a collection of loud, short songs with varied time signatures and unconventional hooks. Purely for the sake of context.we occasionally find ourselves compared to the likes of Fugazi, Jawbox, Naked Raygun, Drive Like Jehu, The Jesus Lizard, etc… all of which is deeply flattering but makes some sense given our influences and vintage/Our practice space is tiny but effective”.

NONAGON release The Last Hydronaut today –  The Last Hydronaut is a 6-song, black-vinyl, 45rpm 12″ that was recorded by Justin Foley this last May at Kerguelen Studio in Astoria, NY. It is released as a limited, hand-numbered run of 300.  on Controlled Burn Records – the DIY label the band recently started with their pals in The Austerity Program.



DEATH IS TEXAS, Who are they then? Have we mentioned them before? Rather like their grandiose, over the top, bat for lashes bushy goodness (not sure if that band mane suites them though?)

“My name is Kane and I play in a London based band called Death In Texas, We’ve just released our second EP ‘PLUCK’, and we would love for you to check it out. If you like what you hear, we would really appreciate a mention/EP review on The Organ. To accompany ‘PLUCK’ we have simultaneously released our third video from the EP, Sonic Switchblade”.


More of this kind of thing tomorrow, maybe?

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