loureedI was going to say something a little more substantial about the late Lou Reed as a proper follow up to yesterday’s posting and the news of his passing.  I was going to say something in celebration of an always challenging artist and a sometimes inspiring life spent creating glorious things like his still vital 1975 album Metal Music Machine, or those early Velvet Underground challenges that came to my attention via a love of (almost) all things Warhol.  I met him once, he was being very grumpy and unreasonable in the make-up department of a TV show prior to a live performance, I really wanted to grill him about things but all wanted to do was complain about the food and the lights and the band I was working with at the time were being a little rude and unruly, they had no idea who he was, it wasn’t the time or place, there probably wasn’t ever going to be a time and place, he was probably one of those musicians best kept at arms length and I would probably have annoyed him a little with questions about those early New York days. I was going to right something, but there seems to have been pages and pages of electronic trees cut down and made in to paper to (rightly) write about him on today and you really don’t need more from me.

There’s an interesting obit piece in today’s Telegraph for those of you who don’t really know who Lou Reed was…


Meanwhile here’s some other things…     

Rather like the forward moving sonic drone and left-field space rock flavoured goodness of GUARDIAN ALIEN – “Greg Fox’s psychedelic Guardian Alien plays a new song for All Axis at Brooklyn’s Glasslands Gallery”.



“There are very few musicians on the indie scene who could truly be called virtuosos, but drummer Greg Fox is one of them. Formerly of Liturgy, Fox now dedicates his considerable skills to the deeply psychedelic, Brooklyn based Guardian Alien. Playing out long, trance-like grooves with haunting, distorted vocals and blistering guitar and drum work, Guardian Alien is a truly unique experience. All Axis was at Glasslands to capture the band playing a brand new, previously unrecorded song”.



POETICAT have a new single out today – “Centre Of The Concrete Square” is part 1 of a double A side which, along with part 2 “Kind Words Soft Kill”, will be Poeticat’s first release of 2013.



Rather like this is a deliciously harmless Radioheadish kind of way as well, another visual interlude brought on via All Axis over there in New York.  Nothing revolutionary, sometimes it doesn’t have to be, those textures are warning, that violin is inviting . London based DUOLOGUE, a band who blend subtle electronic textures, guitar based mellowness and just a little extra twist of goodness, stopped by New York’s Dubway Studios to film a live cut of “Gift Horse” a track from their debut record Song & Dance, the debut album that came out in the UK back in February and comes out in the US this month.

The film was made by  the All Axis crew.  All Axis is a music web series from Panopticon NYC. “Panopticon NYC is an immersive, complete music video experience. Panopticon NYC brings the music video and the live concert experience to your television or computer, and brings the music video experience to live concerts”.


28th Oct – Well Christiaan Nagel‘s mushrooms, at the top of Vyner Street, survived last night’s storm, wondered in the high winds that hit London last night would do for them…. They grew there back in the blue skied days of summer

Christiaan Nagel's mushrooms, at the top of Vyner Street

Christiaan Nagel’s mushrooms, at the top of Vyner Street

Alo and Alex Arnell‘s butterflies, at the top of Vyner Street on Cambridge Heath Road, got “buffed” today though, by another film crew by the looks of it… Shame really, I was enjoying the way that was evolving



The New York Dolls chose to post this as their celebration of Lou Reed….


I never met, or even got to see Lou Reed, but hearing him in the mid 70s changed my life irrevocably and everything I’ve done since would have been totally different otherwise. Not sure that I would have wanted to meet him, but I owe just about everything to him. Goodbye Lou, and thanks for everything”. ALAN HOLMES, ECTOGRAM




And before the ‘buff’ (or the film crew) struck, things looked like this…



Alex Arnell butterlies

Alex Arnell butterflies


Who was the band on the TV show with Lou Reed i hear you ask. Back in the days of ORG Records, we didn’t mind mixing things up with a bit of proper pop.  Lou did say he loved it as we were departing, made him smile he said, although we didn’t actually see him smile that daym pretty sure Mr Warhole would have done though


“It was 15 minutes of glorious pop fame in the mid/late 90’s, this really is where the infectious Glitter scattering started, hand customized glitter sleeves, tiaras, and for six hectic months they went from the back rooms of Camden (including the time they invited an embryonic Bis to come and open for them….) to the Royal Albert Hall and 5000 screaming kids on the 25 date show-stealing PJ&Duncan tour (Ant & Dec – we got the dirt on you!), three singles and the “Greatest Hits Vol. 1″ album (some of the finest pop moments ever), appearances on the Girlie Show, Big Breakfast, The White Room, records all over the radio, breaking hearts at festivals like Phoenix, the Miss-17 road show, photo shoots in numerous glossies and style magazines, the promise of tours in Japan, animated cartoons, that Take That cover with 17 b-sides and the hand-made fluffy bags they came in – and all on a real independent label – you had to be there, it really was a glorious silly string-infested 15 minutes – the Teen powered Bananarama for Pistols fans…. Where are they now? Well just after the album came out Malcolm McLaren came in to work with them and we took that as the sign to jump off their fun fair ride…
Where are they today? They went off with Malcolm McLaren, who knows?”  (The ORG Records biog from back in the day, ORG was fun sometimes).


“”I loved Lou. I admired Lou very much. He was a very genuine person. He was always descent to me. His talent was so wonderful in my life and it gave me great pleasure and guidance. I am sure that his was a worthwhile life, and one he would have enjoyed had it continued longer. He and his wife Laurie were such a good couple”.  – Iggy Pop


More of these things tomorrow….maybe….



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