ORGAN THING OF THE DAY: MAYA DUNIETZ / STEVE NOBLE / JOHN EDWARDS, PIETNASTKA and other experimental things Cafe Oto related…

Thing of the day, today’s Organ thing, some earfood from the good people of Cafe Oto….

Maya Dunietz / Steve Noble / John Edwards

Maya Dunietz / Steve Noble / John Edwards

MAYA DUNIETZ / STEVE NOBLE / JOHN EDWARDS are at London’s ever excellent Cafe Oto this coming TUES 3 DECEMBER

“Maya Dunietz is one of the leading voices in new music in Israel, and a unique pianist whose playing mashes together the history of the piano into relentless improvised associations. She brings to the instrument an avantgarde humor that is rare and a unique ability to go at any moment to any musical space in a way that is always surprising.

One can’t imagine a better fit to Dunietz wild piano rides then the Bass playing of John Edwards and the drumming of Steve Noble. Together these three never fail to surprise, the ideas flow in an endless stream and take wild turns from gorgeous landscapes of sound to hard rocking grooves from boogie-woogie swings to wild energetic forays. The trio released its first CD, Cousin It, in 2011”.

(Photo by Andy Newcombe).

Other things incoming at Cafe Oto

And while we’re here, here’s some PIETNASTKA

PIETNASTKA – “An instrumental project by Piotr Kurek “borne of love for things old and mysterious”, Piętnastka is one of the most interesting enterprises to emerge from the Polish tape revival movement. The project’s debut album Dalia, released in 2011 as a cassette, explores psychedelic, woozy soundscapes and subcutaneous tensions crawling under layers of nostalgic, fairytale-like haze. Their music has also been described by Decoder Magazine as “a sprawling and epic synthesis of experimental composition with the traditional melodies of eastern Europe.”


More of this later…..

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