Wednesday things, Organ things, far  too busy for things today, the third (and final) One Hundred Pieced Piece needed to be finished in time for December First Thursday and the climax of the current all spectacular Art Is For Life, Not Just Christmas show at Cultivate, there’s too many irons in the fire, and dogs that plain against the grain, everything made all up ready for tomorrow should it ever come, clean that evil mud out of your soul. Five things for today? Core, why not, ideal! Will bleed amen

1:  Who are BARFTH? Don’t ask us,, from Los Angeles, landed here this morning via the mighty Upsilon Acrux

2: And how about BLUENECK? The Bristol band are in London, at the Garage, this Friday evening, you just past the link to their Facebook page a moment ago, here’s the link to their real website


3: Rather like these new silvery PURE EVIL pieces the ever smiling man did this week – “Got up got out of bed, span some canvases and then sprayed them .. BOOM. Chrome and Black circle canvases”



4: Been meaning to leave this here as well…The Art Of Punk – Crass – The Art of Dave King and Gee Vaucher.


5: Some VELOUR MODULAR for you. “Velour Modular is an Experience created by the singer Guilhem and produced by Hektagon” Explore more of this via the Velour Modular Souncloud.



More of this tomorrow… maybe…..

The Third One Hundred Pieced Piece...

The Third One Hundred Pieced Piece… (Sean Worrall)

THE THIRD (and final) 100 PIECED PIECE. 100 pieces of painted cardboard, all painted at the same time, all on cardboard found thrown out in Vyner Street, East London. This is one piece of work, a piece that consists of one hundred parts, each part to either be sold at Cultivate during the Art Is For Life show (that runs to 8th December), at a price of £1 per part, or left out on the streets around East London as free art.




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