ORGAN THING OF THE DAY: New JACK CHESHIRE single, video and London gig tomorrow…

jackhandsA musical Thing of The Day…

Rather refined English singer songwriter JACK CHESHIRE. from Bath, Somerset, releases a new single, Into The Void, from hid rather acclaimed album  Long Mind Hotel. The single is released on the 16th December. Written as an ode to nihilism,  the track revolves around the premise that most people don’t really care, and that much of life is devoid of meaning.  A vessel passing through: ….memories flood in the old and abandoned, capsize in a terrible sea, I draw no sense, and just weave a path to, the end of the day, and into the dream.”

you can catch Jack Cheshire and his band live in London tomorrow, Tuesday 10th December – With ‘A Band Of Buriers’ @ the Tuck Shop,and on 9th January – With ‘House Of Trees’ @ The Servant Jazz Quarters, Dalston

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