ORGAN MUSICAL THINGS OF THE DAY: The delicateness of FRENCH FOR CARTRIDGE, the brutal hardcore onslaught of ILLUSTRATIONS and just a touch of TIM EASTON

THINGS., musical things, I got to go do some evolving, here’s some musical treasure to trawl through while I go do some work… .

“We’ve just released a new digital EP with French For Cartridge, which I thought might be of interest. It’s the last thing taken off We Humans and features lead track Hot Air Balloon  plus remixes by The Chap, Collectress and Chik Budo as well as one completely new track called Frequency 349” said the ever delicate FRENCH FOR CARTRIDGE




A song from Nashville-based songwriter Tim Easton is featured today as the KEXP download of the day. always worth checking out what the Seattle radio station are serving up, explore the download via KEXP website .


San Antonio’s “punk infused hardcore” band – although their glorious extreme noise sounds more like a rather metallic set of coloutful tantrums to these ears –  ILLUSTRATIONS have just announcing the official release for the debut album In Vain.  The blistering album is set for a wider release in February 2014. Originally released earlier this year as a limited-run Bandcamp-exclusive album, In Vain immediately caught the attention of the underground networks. the February release will include a limited vinyl run of 200 black vinyl copies and 100 pressed on clear vinyl, The band are busy completing some December US dates alongside The Greenery right now., 2014 dates are to be announced very soon….

Here’s some live footage of the pamd performing at Trailer records, Austin, Texas, earlier in the year..



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