ORGAN THING OF THE DAY: The delightful experimentation of SAVAGING SPIRES



Left your strimmer out in the rain? Will the ship have to return without dropping anything off?

SAVAGING SPIRES have grabbed a little bit of our attention today, we we’re clicking on links on the always useful  LondonGigs site, we need some decent gigs now, so many underwhelming bands out there, there’s always a bit of hidden treasure waiting behind those links on the very user friendly London Gigs website though (and yes we do collaborate with LondonGigs, if something is worth supporting then we’ll support it!). You can explore some of what Savaging Spires do, whoever they are, via their label Critical Height, or  you could go back to that link at the start of the paragraph and hit their Facebook page, or go explore their Soundcloud pages, or indeed by catching their free East London gig (that’s if you are anywhere near East London this coming Wednesday) at the Old Blue Last…

“Scene Not Heard present Savaging Spires ‘an improvisational pop band who record live to tape, and quite often to just cassette. Gathering around a single microphone, their songs are often elongated passages, fragments of potential songs that despite their fragile, bordering-on-the-edge-of-collapse approach, seem to create a force of sound that’s impossible to not be overwhelmed by.’ More info here”    The whole gig looks something like this…. SAVAGING SPIRES, SHINAMO MOKI, THE WHARVES, MOONCREATURES @ the Old Blue Last, Grt Eastern St., London, EC2. 


Rather like the sound of The Wharves as well


More of this tomorrow, maybe…..


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