ORGAN THING OF THE DAY: An earfilling new single from GIRL BAND and a taste of CREMATOR….

girlbandNo time for all this today, no Organgrinding, places to be, paint to throw, GIRL BAND  are starting to impress, the Irish band’s new single really clanks on you, you can download it for free from their Bandcamp page or you can go buy the tasty looking limited edition vinyl version from the same page. Girl band play a free gig at East London’s Old Blue Last on January 23rd  They’ve threatened to impress before, they really do with Lawman. the a-side of this new single …. Here comes some cut ‘n paste hype….

Firstly, Girl Band does not contain any girls. They are a four piece in their late teens / early 20’s from Dublin, wet behind the ears, and they play music that does not fit comfortably under one genre. Somewhere between Pissed Jeans, !!!, Modern Lovers, Shellac and Liars, they somehow sound like all and none of those at all. Ask them their influences and they’ll tell you “Daft Punk”. Live they are a wall of noise. Disparate and desperate in equal measure. Their music is all sinew and wires, burgeoning excitement, in their heads as much for the dance floors as it is for punk dives”.




2014 should be seeing plenty of Zoltan activity – at least three releases and some very special performances are planned! In the meantime here’s a track from the forthcoming LP on the Seriés Aphōnos label by Zoltan side-project Cremator. Enjoy!”


Right then, I’m off to hang some art…. cultevolved_15janphilip



Previous girl bands with no girls…. well, we’re not sure in the second example here, they maybe girls or boys or who knows what, but we do rather like Chicago’s Lovely Little Girls (as regulars around here will know).

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