ORGAN THING OF THE DAY: New PUBLIC SPEAKING album, a MOTORPSYCHO tease and some classic BLACK FLAG music to spray along to…

publicspeaking_coverthings things things….  We’ll leave it with our man Jeff today, I’m busy here with my good friend Montana Gold, there’s leaves to grow and these things need to be sprayed…

Our old friend Jeff Barsky, he of Insect Fields, and a man who, back in the day, found himself working as work experience  tea making intern (or whatever the official term for photocopy machine operator was back then) in the Organ office (back when Organ was a big glossy paper monster as well as a record spewing label). So Jeff said check it – “new record from the almighty Public Speaking! I’ve had the pleasure of touring with this project several times in the past few years, and his music always takes me to great places. check it!”


So where were we? Being teased by Motorpsycho…  “Video teaser of Where Greyhounds Dare for Motorpsycho’s Behind the Sun album. Enjoy”


Here’s what Stickman records say about that tease – “We are very pleased to announce a brand new Motorpsycho album titled “Behind The Sun”, scheduled for release on Friday, March 7, 2014!

The album once again introduces The Four Norsemen of the Rock/Avant: HMR – Snahisgod, BS -The ThunderTrønder, KK – The Hammer of the Gods & RF – the mercenary Psychedelic Half-breed.

The album will be released as a CD, a double-LP with all the trimmings (and even a digital download!) as well as digitally through the normal online channels. And we’ll have a vinyl and CD presale as usual here through the mailorder, which will be announced a bit closer to release date.

There will also be a European tour following in May/June – the tour dates will go online shortly!

Right then, leaves, Montana, things to spray, got to go…..


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