Where were we, thing of the day? Things? MUSCLETUSK, great name, head down from Scotland tomorrow to attack us with feral noise and free jazz, is it jazz? Whatever it is it it beautifully feral, they’re at London’s Cafe Oto, here’s a Yewtube, and there’s a the Cafe Oto event details..


“feral noise and free jazz clatter from Edinburgh’s MUSCLETUSK – tying together detuned guitar deconstructions with fields of scuzzy electronic noise, distorted deep horns and loose but barbaric drum work – WHILST’s free jazz, primitive electronics, dubby post-punk, North African and motorik stlyings, and ANDREW PAINE’s idiosyncratic take on song-craft”.


Stimulating looking/sounding things happening at Limewharf tomorrow via the Re:Sound collective – “More details of Gamelan for 24th Jan – 9 players and a singer will be playing ‘a selection of traditional “soft” style pieces from the royal courts of Java’. Adam Teixeira will be finishing the evening with original music using a whole host of percussion instruments whilst the fantastic soprano Silje Aker Johnsen will also be performing a Norwegian folksong. Oh and of course we have the three Johns – Lely, Cage and Cole!”


leathercowwLEATHER COW are from Liverpool, they cite their influences as Michael Brecker, Peter Brotzmann, Ornette Coleman, Fred Frith, Makigami Koichi, Charles Mingus, Medeski, Martin & Wood, Pat Metheny, Olivier Messiaen, Charlie Parker, Evan Parker, Marc Ribot, Demetrio Stratos, Yoshida Tatsuya, Frank Zappa, John Zorn.  and this, apparently, is their first (rather tasty) musical fruit….


Ganderflanking? Words? “Why don’t you ever write proper music reviews anymore?” said the giant green caterpillar, or was it some hissy pissy indie band playing the old blue buffalo fly and wanting us to tell the world how wonderfully average they are? Nah, we don’t have time to be writing reviews and such anymore, we wrote enough of them back in the days before the instant gratification of a Soundcloud link or a YouTube video.  You don’t need words now, you don’t need your opinions formed for you, you can make your own mind up now – you don’t need critical analysis, all you need now is a trusted webpage, blog, twitter feed and a taste-making radio show or two that you regularly check out and as long as they’re armed with the links and signposts, you can go explore and make your own mind up,  we don’t need to write longass wordy reviews anymore….

Of course not all indie bands are hissy and pissy, here’s  gloriously raw indie pop band from Brighton –

Tyrannosaurus Dead are a superb five piece from Brighton who play melodic, fuzzed out noise pop in the vein of Joanna Gruesome and Veronica Falls. A collection of their early EPs is forthcoming on Odd Box records, and we’re very pleased to have them headlining the first of our monthly nights”.

The monthly night in question is on Thurs Feb 27 at the Buffalo Bar, over in Islington, North London, the bands playing are Tyrannosaurus Dead + The Fireworks + The Drink + Owl & Mouse.

We’re very pleased to announce that HDIF Presents returns as a regular monthly gig at the Buffalo Bar from February onwards. We’ll be the fourth Thursday of the month.” said someone for HDIF



Our good friends over there at All Axis have been busy filming some tasty ear food again, here’s some footage of L.A. psych beasts JJUUJJUU opening their show at a packed Mercury Lounge in New York City.



That GIRL BAND track we featured the other day now comes with a video. Download this trac kfor free via the Dublin band’s Bandcamp page


Checked out the born again activity of Scotland’s LAPSUS LINGUAE Yet?

Things things, more thingd….

boats_coverart“Out today, at last!” said DEERHOOF, one of the bands on thing rather interesting looking album

A Transgressive North compilation for charity, featuring exclusive new tracks from celebrated artists from across the world, including:

A Sunny Day In Glasgow, Bear in Heaven, Califone, Capybara, Dan Deacon, Deerhoof, doseone, El Guincho, Four Tet, Gang Gang Dance, High Places, Jamie Stewart, Julian Lynch, Keepaway, Lucky Dragons, Marram, Matthewdavid, Max Tundra, No Age, Physical Forms, Ramona Falls, rRoxymore, Rustie, Slanter, Son Lux, Sun Airway, Taken By Trees, The Ruby Suns, White Hinterland, YACHT

BOATS is a 29-track compilation album of exclusive new tracks created by celebrated international artists. Each individual act used samples of the Light of Love Children’s Choir, recorded for Marram’s ‘Sun Choir’, to create a new song. As a result, BOATS is a diverse and kaleidoscopic concept-album with the children’s voices at its core.

70% of profits from every sale of this double-album go to the charity Scottish Love In Action, which feeds, clothes, educates and houses destitute children at The Light Of Love Children’s Home, India.


And finally….

“Not usually a spectator sport, a rare chance to witness What Julia is Making” tomorrow, Friday, at Cultivate Evolved, down Vyner Street, East London, artist JULIA MADDISON in the gallery, working away from 11.30am until 6pm





More of this tomorrow….. maybe…


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