ORGAN THING OF THE DAY: Get Bruised on Tuesday, Liars remixed and messed with….

Down in that car park at level minus seven

Down in that car park at level minus seven

We’re out of the car park, bruised and fumed, fumed and bruised, thing of the day?

BRUISE are playing London’s ever good Cafe Oto this coming Tuesday….

“A return to OTO for the legendary “improv-Super Group” (Timeout) Bruise. Led by Bass saxophonist Tony Bevan, Bruise has been described as having “a joined at the head, heart and hips, genius, genre-busting line-up” (AllaboutJazz) and “everything that Supersilent would like to be but aren’t” (Timeout). Famed for their soaring, lyrical, epic lunar soundscapes and razor-sharp, off-centre grooves, Bruise “will convert anybody with the sheer intensity of their playing” (Timeout)”.

Tony Bevan – Soprano, Tenor and Bass Saxophones Orphy Robinson – Tuned Percussion, Electronics John Edwards – Bass Mark Sanders – Drums Ashley Wales – Electronics

“Jazz has famously been dubbed “the sound of surprise,” but the improvising band Bruise – with their astonishing combination of diverse sounds in one rampaging quintent – truly create the sound of incredulity.” (Morning Star)



Meanwhile, here’s a LIARS track from their forthcoming albu,,  this is a rather warm SILENT SERVANTS remix. The new Liars album, Mess, is out on March 24th





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