ORGAN THINGS….. A stew of things, a glut of things, things things… Debut PATRONS single, new JAMES song, last call for C215, Coma Coast, Quiet British Accent… things… Here we go…

ORGAN THINGS….. A stew of things, a glut of things, things things……Debut PATRONS single, new JAMES song, last call for C215, Coma Coast, Quiet British Accent and things… Here we go…

PATRONS have a rather committed debut single on the way, the Plymouth band’s raw emotion comes laced with a rusty edge…


Out on March 31st on the excellently named I Hate It Records here comes the cut ‘n pasted hype

A slice JACK FLORISH artwork, Jack is on his was to Cultivate in March

A slice JACK FLORISH artwork, Jack is on his was to Cultivate in March

“Formed in 2013, Patrons come from the city by the sea, Plymouth, UK. Born out of long-standing friendships and a common love of the unconventional, Patrons make a noise that gives a nod to the expanse of bands like This Will Destroy You and Thrice, yet also a tip of the hat to the stop-start rhythms of bands like Reuben and La Dispute. Having always been inspired by the attitude of the DIY scene, they pass on gimmicks and clichés. Instead, Patrons deliver a refreshingly pure musical experience to anyone willing to listen. “Inclusive is the word, I think” says guitarist Mark Hoynes. “Anyone can come to a show or listen to our songs and enjoy it, it’s not necessarily exclusive to age, what you wear or what you think, anyone is free to join in.”

More things….

Last weekend in terms of checking put the inaugural Stolen Space show with artist Christian Guemy, aka street artist C215 entitled ‘Back to Black’

c215faceC215 has masterfully created work using a restricted colour palette within his exquisite stencilled images. Spray painted on his usual array of foraged materials, artworks are presented on recycled objects such as folders, luggage and tins.

For this show titled, ‘Back to Black,’ C215 has drawn inspiration from his travels and the cities of Europe, for which he refers to as ‘an addiction’ and ‘a magnet’ to street artists of the world over. The work he has produced seeks to reflect upon the experiences he has been met with on his excursions.

For no reason whatsoever, here’s another of those gloriously inspired Crass covers from Jeffrey Lewis. This is his cover of their rant of an song I Ain’t Thick


Always had time for the refined pop of Tim Booth and his fine band JAMES. They’ve posted a new song today, Frozen Britain is from the forthcoming album La Petite Mort. Out 2 June



QUIET BRITISH ACCENT Have made some bags, hopefully they’ll be at Cultivate on Saturday, on sale as part of the First ever Vyner Street FIRST SATURDAY this coming March 1st.  …



“Quiet British Accent are art and design duo Jason Gale and Sharon Gale. The couple like to play with the visual language of popular sporting culture across textiles, stencils, mixed media and low tech printing techniques”. THese bags are clearly a homage to early 70’s US soft rock band Fanny

“Fanny were an American all-female band, active in the early 1970s. They were one of the first notable rock groups to be made up entirely of women, the third to sign with a major label (after Goldie & the Gingerbreads and The Pleasure Seekers), and the first to release an album on a major label. They achieved two top 40 singles on the Billboard Hot 100 and released five albums.”

comacoast_image001“Electro-pop duo COMA COAST have just released their debut single 1989/The Ritual through Parissi La Musique Records . Both tracks have been given deluxe treatment by Belgium remixer Attar! Transforming 1989 into a dark, bass-driven affair, ready-made for the dance floor. The Ritual sees Sano deliver a signature rework, packed with Latin acid flair and reminiscent of his previous releases through Comeme Records.

The pair, made up of London-based singer / DJ Mariano Robles and Venezuelan producer / DJ Rey Morales met by chance in Caracas in 2012, jamming in Rey’s studio until the early hours after bonding over musical influences. Living on separate continents hasn’t halted the flow of Coma Coast’s creativity, frequently bouncing ideas across the Atlantic and working at their own pace, inspired by their own environments and collaborators.

Mariano’s vocals are littered with playful lyrics inspired by wanderlust. 2013 saw Coma Coast begin their electronic odyssey, playing DJ sets in festivals and clubs across Europe and South America and spending time honing their trademark sound. They now plan to release 3 EP’s in 2014 ahead of the premiere of their live show in London later on this year”.

BANDS FROM THE ROXY: “On this day the 27th of February in 1977, a Sunday night, Don Letts was at the controls for Reggae night at The Roxy.”    Love these daily historical updates via the Roxy Facebook group…



roxy_eater_flyerThe Roxy – “London’s infamous Punk Club run by Andrew Czezowski, Susan Carrington, Ralf Jedraszczyk and Barry Jones with Don Letts as the DJ in a former gay gangster club on Neil Street, Covent Garden.Opened in Jan 77 for 100 nights,ran for the rest of the year under new management.

Bands who played there included The Adverts, The Boys, The Bears, Generation X, Ed Banger and the Nosebleeds,The Members,The Killjoys, The Cortinas, X Ray Spex, The Damned, Chelsea, The Cortinas, Wayne County, Johnny Moped, Eater, The Drones, The Lurkers, The Jam, The Only Ones, Penetration, Cherry Vanilla and the Police, The Slits, Sham 69, Slaughter and the Dogs, The Stranglers, The Vibrators, Wire and XTC”. Apparently Crass were banned….

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