ORGAN THINGS: some inspiring use of art gallery space from Pawel Althamer, some lush synth pop from Becky Becky, some glorious noise from Rungs

Monday morning, things for today? Let’s see, some lush synth pop from Brighton, some inspiring use of art gallery space  Pawel Althamer and, well that’s enough for today, we got places to go and things to get done, no time for Organ things today….

Pawel Althamer’s “Draftsmen’s Congress” (2012/14) Installation

Pawel Althamer: The Neighbors is open at the New Museum, New York, now through April 13, 2014. Along way from is here I know, but it is kind of exciting (and anyway, this Organ blog beast, if the Numbers are right, is read by as many people in the USA as it is over here in the UK, far far more on some days actually)

Further reading: This New York Museum Wants You To Make Art, Not Just Stare At It


MEANWHILE BECKY BECKY and some old school synth pop lushness from Brighton.


Fire & Wings’ is the first single from electro-synth-pop duo Becky Becky’s debut album ‘Good Morning, Midnight’. Detailing the end of an alcohol-fuelled evening in a European city, the narrator drunkenly vows to “drink [herself] to death”, laments love lost, encounters a sinister older gentleman with designs on her; all culminating in a joyous paean to that particular feeling that, “comes in a glass… fire and wings.”

The video was directed, shot and edited by the band themselves and is a combination of the original abstract animation of Richard Sanz  and heavily processed live-action footage of Gemma and Peter. Fractured visuals pulse and shift along to the glistening arpeggios and and growling bass, all imprinted onto the unblinking, ever-distorting faces of Becky Becky.  A free download of the single is available at More from


If breezy synth pop doesn’t quite give you what you need this Monday morning then the repelntlessly  yappy ankle-biting onslaught of Glasgow’s rather intense RUNGS might be what you need? Rungs have a new (blue vinyl) single out this week….


Here’s how things look at Cultivate, Vyner Street, London, E2, this week….

Cultivate, this week...

Cultivate, this week…

..More of this tomorrow…. probably….


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