ORGAN THING OF THE DAY: Ming City Rockers twist it, Swoon still up, Death Rays go ostrich riding…

ORGAN THING OF THE DAY….. Do you come here everyday to see these things? Who are you? Who were the twenty two people from Iraq visiting this page yesterday?  Who’s the person from Costa Rica today? Who is Max Hattler? What are those Ming City Rockers doing today? How much for a ticket Kate? Not sure we want to be part of your pension plan? And no, I don’t want to see a twitter photo of what you’re having for lunch today…. crossdressing?


“Twist It” is out on limited edition vinyl and such on april 14th.

Ming City Rockers on tour: – 22/03 HULL-Adelphi, 26/03 WAKEFIELD-Snooty Fox, 28/03 SHEFFIELD-Great Gatsby, 29/03 LIVERPOOL-Zanzibar, 04/04 LEICESTER-The Vic, 05/04 LOWESTOFT-The Aquarium, 06/04 SOUTHEND-Chinnerys, 07/04 LONDON-Dublin Castle

Good to see this piece of East London Swoon is still pretty much in one piece…..

SWOON - East London

SWOON – East London


Exclaiming on the TV

Exclaiming on the TV



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