ORGAN THINGS: Chips For The Poor’s post red wine binge, artist Gustavo Ortiz at Pure Evil gallery..

“Hi, We thought you’d like to grub up on this live favourite from our set, which was recorded post red wine binge in a Chicago basement” said a Chips…


“Dig them ears deep to combat the double ghost karaoke rant blast cos this dusty hard drive knock knocks on the gated community dealing with time travel, love and the bubbling cherry pie belly rot on the Elvis bog. Shit in a handbag”.

Written & performed live by Chips for the Poor >>>> Recorded by Bobby Conn >>>> Artwork by Sylvia Ugga

We play live on Wednesday 9th April at Power Lunches,  446 Kingsland Road, London E8.

All other info >  “Read and Follow our blog.  Listen to our stable doors bang open wide on bandcamp”


gust_o_flierMeanwhile over in the land of Pure Evil, artist GUSTAVO ORTIZ has a show underway…..

PURE EVIL GALLERY is honoured to present the new exhibition “The Hundred Ways That I See Myself” by GUSTAVO ORTIZ.
In Gustavo Ortiz’s artwork, theself-portrait is a recurring theme, always executed with a lot of originality and sensuality. The artist has many different faces, and we can feel this in his style with the material used but also through all the different forms he is using to depicts himself: sometimes a cavalier, hidden beside a mask or as a monster. The artist combines gold leaf, deep red paint or lacquer techniques that literally transcend its mysterious characters in his quest to express different facets of himself. We can find in his paintings the sacred symbols of the Middle Ages, Russian Icon Paintings and the simple truth of naive art and South American legends. Gustavo plays with modern techniques of collage and bright cheerful colours who come from the culture of his native land, Argentina to express a just and raw vision of himself. Because of the multiplicity of the portraits, they touch us with emotion and affect the viewer as they can be viewed like catalysts. We could ask ourself if the main subject of this exhibition isn’t just a series of self-portraits, but also a mirror gallery that’s reflect our true “self”, our humanity… To understand a little better this enigmatic artist, more than sixty exclusive piece of art will shown from the 3rd of April to the 4th of May 2014 in the Department store – Pure Evil Gallery.






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