ORGAN THING: A flavour of last night’s HYSTERIA art show and today’s Housman bookshop launch…

hysteria_coverThe second issue of bold feminist publication Hysteria was launched with a rather impressive one day art event (in a Camden Squat) yesterday. Painting, performance, photography, installation, conversation and more, a vibrant event that stretched from midday to almost midnight  Today, the new edition is launched at King’s Cross based radical London bookshop (and treasure)  Housmans. Here’s the Housmans press release…

‘HYSTERIA – a collection of feminisms’ with guest Minna Salami aka MsAfropolitan, Gabriella Daris and Mushana   Saturday 26th April, 6.30pm

HYSTERIA is a non-profit radical feminist periodical and platform launching its second issue themed ”Roles & Rules”. At this launch speakers will include Minna Salami aka MsAfropolitan who will discuss African feminism and identity, Gabriella Daris on Un/concealment in Yoko Ono’s Cut Piece: Rethinking Feminist Approaches to Nudity, and finally Mushana will perform at the end.

HYSTERIA was founded six months ago at SOAS and grew out of feminist discussions and concerns in the SOAS Feminist Society. HYSTERIA is a feminist periodical and a platform for activism, politics and solidarity. The periodical strives to expose power relations that have become naturalised and entrenched through illusions of equality. It believes that feminism is a universal concern and not reserved for a selected few. It should be spread across discussions between all walks of life.

Therefore, HYSTERIA harbours multiple streams of feminisms. This is a direct outcome of the webs of distinct and overlapping feminist narratives of struggles and oppression. It insists on the equality of all, through a continuous discussion on what equality entails, refusing to settle on a rigid definition. HYSTERIA starkly opposes ideologies, philosophies, and belief-systems that have generated the fantasy of feminism as a property, commodity or craze and believes that these ideas reproduce marginalisation, deprivation and inequity.

Housmans Bookshop, 5 Caledonian Road, London, N1 9DX


A selection of flavours from last night’s Hysteria event in Camden in the squatted basement of the Mornington Sports and Leisure Centre, Arlington Road and a space currently known as Le Squat Sportif 



Photos (S.W)

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