ORGAN THING OF THE DAY: A fresh taste of POINO and…

Growth on a Roller....

Growth on a Roller….

String beans, string driven thing, string of something or other, or steam, or something like that. Did you sleep well? Did you even sleep? Have you ever read anything that goes up on these pages?  Why do you insist on sending us these awful bands and then insist on telling us how much you love reading Organ and how you think this will be right up our street? Since when did some bland-as-flip over produced wasteoid of a band who’s tediously slick soulless sound made even worse by their dreadfully contemptible lyrical spewtum, a sound so bad they make that dreadful Toploader band, in some kind of hideous comparison, sound almost as dangerous as GG Allin on a very  pissed off day in pissed off land! What makes you think we want to waste our time with these things?  What makes you think anyone who visits these outpourings would be the least bit interested? Almost want to post the link here so you, dear reader, can suffer the almost two minute endurance that just happened here.

“Hey Sean,  How’ve you been? Hope you had a nice and sunny weekend:) I thought I’d drop you a line regarding  a new band who’ve been doing really well to see if you’d like them and find them suitable for Organ. The band are called blah blah and their upcoming new single One More Night is getting more and more recognition.  I’m attaching the official press release below and I really hope you’ll enjoy their new single. Thanks a lot for your time Sean and I’m keeping my fingers (and eyes) crossed you’ll like it”.

Don’t you just hate these fake personal press releases that are automatically generated and add your name and make out as if the pr company person give a poop about how good or bad your weekend was? If you must know, I cut my finger slicing up cardboard to paint on, then I got some bubble gum pink Montana Gold in the cut and now it hurts like hell to type this nonsense, i bleed for my art, you can uncross your eyes now and have some  fresh poino. Now Poino, thankfully, don ‘t sound anything like Toploader (although they did manage to send out two press releases this week, and both times failed to mention they were playing a gig in London tomorrow!)  Band? Artists? Do any of you have your sheeeeeeeeeeeet together?

Poino, playing London this Wednesday (that;s probably today by now) at Westminster College, Grays In Road, Kinds Cross, got a new album on the way, they put a taster up, here’s that taste, the album details are on the Soundcloud, ‘ave yerself an earful, then click on the link you past a minute ago if you want more…  .


Went to that opening of the LAURIE SIMMONS show at Wilkinson, they certainly have a lot of space down there… busy fighting vinyl right now, that and the steam of string beans an the Alo that got saved from the builder… more tomorrow




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