ORGAN THINGS: Dirty Boy, how good is this version? More Cardiacs, crust, Punching Swans, Inebrious Bastard?

punching_swansA Monday music onslaught?  An onslaught is always a good thing, here’s some things that have crossed our path today.  Punching Swans crossed our path after they re-tweeted a comment we posted about the BBCs blindness when it comes to telling us the Green Party were anywhere near being involved in last week elections while they fall o ver themselves to talk (and talk and talk) about Ukip, how much free publicity can one minority party get while another in completely ignored?   PUNCHING SWANS, well I suspect that is an awful name (or maybe not>) and I’m sure they wouldn’t and I’m sure a swan wouldn’t stand for it anyway.. Aren’t Swans in town this week?



Well actually, the Monday music onslaught didn’t really happen, it was more a big black banging a head against a brick wall splatterchunk of a day where music, words, paint and no nothing else flowed in any kind day, a regular rat day, pissing on everything of value.  Maybe we’ll have a Tuesday onslaught…. hang on, dirty what! David has done it again (we must praise him!)





crustMeanwhile in the land of swimming knives and killer spiders, three miles from the sun… “We are a DIY record label and distro based in Sydney, Australia. All the money that you spend on Crust Almighty releases and in the distro goes straight back into making more records, it is a 100% non-profit thing for the love of getting some fucking killer sounds out into the world.  Wholesale and trades available on our releases, get in touch and spread the noise. In Grind We Crust”.




“This is the video shot by Mr James Tallbastard on the third night of the Special Garage Concerts where Cardiacs played songs written when they were babies.

I have mixed in the audio from songs off the 2 excellent Special Garage Concert CD’s to provide an enjoyable listening experience. However this is FAKE. Although some of the songs on the CD were recorded that night, others were recorded on the previous 2 nights, some of these sync up well and others less so. I like watching this video so I regard it as a MAKE. FAKE or MAKE or FAKE AND MAKE you decide”.

If you haven’t got the 2 albums that this music came from, MAKE sure you go to





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