ORGAN THING: Art Car Boot Fair countdown part three, the Hundred Pieced Vinyl Piece….

So there’s a rather fine animated video been created, an animated video of the 100 Pieced Vinyl Piece that has been created for this year’s eleventh annual Brick Lane Art Car Boot Fair… 


today_vinyl3“What’s ‘appening then?” said the bloke with the green hat, “you always know what’s going on? Any street art shows this week”.  And it was indeed a fine green hat, not that I’m a fan of hats you understand, and the notion of a street art show is such a contradictory notion. but then we like contradictions and poking at notions.  “You’ve got blood all over your bleedin’ hands”, continued very Cockney-sounding green hat man, bit of a blockhead if you ask us, too much blood and bleeding I thought as I explained to the blockhead in the green hat with food in his teeth and higher-purchase rings, (I had the blood stains, he the larger stains, that it was only Montana Gold, “What yer bleedin’ talkin’ about, that’s not gold, that’s bleedin’ red”, it was actually Shock Red if he wanted to get technical, but it did rather look like I has sliced my fingers rather badly on the vinyl I was painting on at the time, “What the bleedin’ ‘ell are you doing with all that vinyl anyway? That’s bleedin’ wrong that is, records is for playing, not bleedin’ well destroying like that” and with an East London (or maybe Essex) grunt he bleedin’ well slumped off in his bleedin’ green hat which, now I think a little more about it, wasn’t as fine as I thought it was at the start of this exchange. If he hadn’t slumped off them I could have told him that some of the now violated vinyl was from around the back of the local couldn’t-give-a-monkey’s charity shop where they had thrown a load away, records mostly beyond playing or selling, scratched up Pink Floyd albums and such, The rest of the 100 consists of old promos sent here to Organ back in the day, mostly in the last century, things no one asked for, no one really wanted here in the first place an d no one wanted to take off our hands… ebay failures that no one would care about even if we did take them to the local charity shop….

And if you’re wondering about the music, that it come from Los Angeles, Wovette is the name, here’s a bandcamp earworm or two and just down there you will find photos of all one hundred of the pieces of painted vinyl that have been in production for the last fifty days…    .


The Art Car Boot Fair all happens on Sunday June 8th, gates open at midday, all one hundred vinyl pieces are on sale at £10 each via the Cultivate stall.


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