ORGAN THING: Cars, taxis, no more boots, The Artist Taxi driver is 50 (and shouting about it), Gary Numan has a new single…

artisttaxidriverHere in his car, his taxi actually, and nothing to do with car boots. We’ve cleaned out our boots, car boots, red shark boots, Cultivate is full of old boots, used boots, used boots and panties actually, no more car boots (until Liverpool next month)   Deathgrips have occupied every bit of sound equipment all day, we made it back in almost one piece from the dust of the car park and the Mint 400, even more remarkable, the Artist Taxi Driver made it to fifty!….


hang on, some new Gary Numan, a remix of a new single off the recent back on top form album




“On 7th July Gary Numan presents new single ‘I Am Dust’ – the opening track from his lauded album ‘Splinter (Songs From A Broken Mind)’, which marked a deserved return to the top-rank of worldwide musical stardom. ‘I Am Dust”s grinding, apocalyptic, electro gives way to a gigantic chorus, all of which is sonically and musically streets ahead, highlighting Numan’s renewed mojo for fresh, exciting songs and breaking new sonic ground. The ‘I Am Dust’ digital bungle will include Gary’s inspired original version, the original demo and killer remixes by thenewno2 and Roman Remains”.



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