ORGAN THING OF THE DAY: Dressmaker and a foggy haze and the pulse of blinding strobes and Child Abuse announce new album and here, have some Bbigpigg…

Things, fings, Organ thing, cakes in the rain? Is there time today? Would you be bothered if there wasn’t, if we left the cake out in the rain? Do you know how long it takes to bake these things? Things melting the dark, will we ever have the recipe again?  Tuesday Organ thing of the day? Those Liars have another new video, gone on about them and their menace enough now though haven’t we?

ca_photoThis just in from the best record label in the world….

"ITEM!: SURPRISE! In their ten years of existence, CHILD ABUSE have become much more than a jarring name. The NY trio has fused elements of Noise, Death Metal, Free Jazz and Grind into something entirely their own, all the while becoming one of the most innovative, and polarizing bands in New York.Their upcoming album "Trouble in Paradise" (the band's third), expands on their forays into uncharted musical territory and is going to fuck folks up. We at SKiN GRAFT are pleased to announce that the label will be releasing CHILD ABUSE "Trouble in Paradise" this Fall and the band is preparing a European tour in conjunction with the release".


Here, have some BBIGPIGG


dressmaker_imagePress releases? We chew ’em up and leave them out in the  rain with the cake we’ll never have the recipe to make again. here’s a press release, read if you want, we haven’t had time, do like Dressmaker though

The East End of London, 2013: dressmaker emerged amidst a foggy haze and the pulse of blinding strobes. If Phil Spector had produced Joy Division instead of girl groups, and drafted Thurston Moore to throw in waves of feedback and chainsaw-tone guitars, it may have sounded something like this. The aural experience is a cocktail of the ear-piercingly loud, the psychedelic, and at times the serene; with an underlying aura of menace throughout.

Drawing comparisons to sonic luminaries such as SWANS, My Bloody Valentine and the Jesus & Mary Chain, dressmaker have an evident fondness for all things noisy, but their music cuts deeper than the cheap trick of depending solely on excessive volume…
Enough of this press release, you got the background, you got some music, here’s some dates 15th July – Powerlunches (London), 16th July – 13th Note (Glasgow), 17th July – Bannermans (Edinburgh), 18th July – Wharf Chambers (Leeds), 19th July – Giffard Arms (Wolverhampton), 25th July – Buffalo Bar (London). –


Here’s the proper cake recipe, and here, have some more BBIGPIGG, they’re from Brooklyn, New York, don’t ask us who they are, here’s some more cake left out in the park in an epic prog type overblown recipe kind of way.



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