ORGAN THING: The Thing, no time for things, this Babymetal thing….

Organ Thing of The Day? Have we got one today? A thing that is? No time today….  if we had anything like something you might call normal service then we might threaten that it would be resumed tomorrow, we quite clearly don’t have anything like normal service, no thing today, indead,here’s something from 2012 in the shape of The Thing


And hitting London next Monday 7th July (the show has now been upgraded to the Forum, it was at the Electric Ballroom but they sold that out, seems the Forum has sold out now, viral or what?!)  the ridiculously sugar-coated, slightly disturbing,  bubblegum pop kitsch meets intense bombastic kitchensink metal insanity that is Japan’s completely over the top Babymetal  – Is it me or is there something just a little questionable here?




Expect something like something near normal service tomorrow, or later today, or  tonight , maybe….

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