ORGAN THING: The glow of ALPENGLOW, the lark of LARK and some bleeding songs and some car parking…

ORGAN THING OF THE DAY? Well after all the shouting yesterday with Mama, we shall bask in the warmth on new music from Alpenglow today with a track from the forthcoming EP Chapel (out September 2014).


.Alpenglow – Brothers In Crime – Original footage shot by John Douglas in 1971 on 16mm film in Glacier National Park and the Grand Tetons. Re-edited by Elori Kramer 2014

Brooklyn based Alpenglow will be releasing the followup to 2013’s Solitude EP, Chapel, this September via Section Sign Records. Its first single, “Brothers In Crime,”. The band  are also about to kick off a U.S tour this month which will see them performing in front of a projection of Vermont filmmaker John Douglas’ 1971 film GLACIER.




Meanwhile, Gavin Turk’s “Mummy Car” parked next to some leaf growth in a carpark in Liverpool/ The car is stil lremarkably clea nlooking, Mr Turks says he hasn’t driven it that much yet, but it has been out and exposed to the elements…


Hang on, LARK have an album out this week, something about a new personality and a complicated phase of history



Lark, in their own words, are “an independent London based band founded by Karl Bielik, a nonconformist and often idiosyncratic songwriter, frontman and artist.  A blend of heavy basslines, raucous sounds and turbulent lyricism, paint a volatile picture of the landscape the band inhabits. Romantic, dissonant, feverish and alive, Lark is an unsound sound.
Lark have been remixed by Andrew Weatherall, Brendan Lynch, Erol Alkan and Green Gartside”.  You don’t need the words though, you got the new album up there ready to do the talking…



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