ORGAN THING: George Tabb on his friend Tommy Ramone

Organ friend and New York punk rock original George Tabb has probably been around the Ramones family as much as anyone, Tommy Ramone  was his mate, George just posted about Tommy. I just asked George if he minded us reproducing his heartfelt response to the news of Tommy’s passing. here’s what George Tabb has to say…

R,I,P Tommy Ramone

R,I,P Tommy Ramone

“It is with a heavy heart I say goodbye to my friend, Tom Erdelyi. AKA Tommy Ramone.
To say he was one of the sweetest and nicest men on the planet is a vast understatement.
Besides he and his wife helping me in my darkest hour, it was always nice to see his smiling face and feel his warm and sincere embrace.

I saw Tommy a lot over the last bunch of years, from “Joey Ramone Birthday Bashes” to a lot of funerals and services.  Standing by his side was always Monte A. Melnick, a man I consider the fifth Ramone. The guy who was just as important as the singer, guitar player, bass player, and drummer. He was always there for everyone, and work harder then all the members put together. I am so sorry, Monte.

As I got to know Tommy, it turns out he is of Hungry & eastern European descent like myself. His parents survived the camps, and Tommy was one who never complained and always had an amazing sense of humor despite it all.  And, he was responsible for the Ramone’s soul and sound. (My friend Bebe Buell said that, and there are no better words)
He produced my favorite album, “Road To Ruin”, with Ed Stasium  Never have the Ramone’s sounded better.

My thoughts and prayers go out to Claudia, his wife, and the family. I will miss your smiling face and Thank You. Thank you and Claudia for playing that Criminal Class book reading I did. Thank you for helping out with Doctor bills when I really really needed it. Thank you for always being uplifting. But most of all, thank you for being you. A real friend when I needed one, and a guy who always exuded warmth and offered to help everyone with no expectation of anything in return. A giant among humanity.  Now, how you put up with those other guys for so long…. (and yes, I loved them too)”


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