ORGAN THING: The last one has gone, R.I.P Tommy Ramone

ramones_shotORGAN THING: The last one has gone, R.I.P Tommy Ramone

And then there were none, there’s rightly going to be acres of words about the passing on the last of the original Ramones.    Drummer and producer Tommy Ramone, the last surviving original member of the influential New York punk quartet the Ramones, died Friday at his home in the Ridgewood area of Queens, New York. He was 62 and had been in hospice care following treatment for bile duct cancer.  We all  know the story, pioneers, ground-breaking attitude purveyors, Tommy or T. Erdelyi, Ramone played on the first three thrusting Ramones albums, “Ramones” (1976), “Leave Home” (1977) and “Rocket to Russia” (1977). He also co-produced the latter two albums with Tony Bongiovi and Ed Stasium, respectively. He appeared on and co-produced the 1979 live Ramones opus “It’s Alive.” The Ramones were an energy, the last Ramone died last night, they’re all gone. Joey, Johnny, Dee Dee and now Tommy.  Words aren’t really needed today, just turn it all up, open your doors and windows and share it with the neighbours.  Hey Ho, Let’s go, ONE, TWO, THREE, FOUR!

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