ORGAN THINGS: Fresh earfood, New bites from WE ARE HEX, new album from THE LAZE in full, EVASIVE BACKFLIP, LOVELY LITTLE GIRLS

artcarbootliverpool83ORGAN THINGS – Some musical things while we’re busy doing other things. Other things are more important than Organ things these days

“Ladies and gentlemen, We Are Hex is the fire of the televangelist on a night of infomercials; the last union pub on the strip; and skin rubbed raw by a pleasant sin”.

First things first though, The Laze have their forthcoming new album streaming via film magazine Fact (and noew on here as well). And as Fact point out, this is more of a Zombie-like 70’s flavoured soundtrack album that the usual uncompromised prog rock adventure that The Laze like to deal in. Here’s more from Fact.

“If you’re a fan of black and white cinema mixed with a dash of modern flavour, then the upcoming The Phantom Of The Opera vinyl release from One Way Static Records must have you chomping at the bits and salivating an unhealthy amount (please, drink some water and rehydrate). For as many different variations of the story as there have been, there have also been as many, if not more, different scores to accompany the tale.

artcarbootliverpool9UK septet (and Organ favourites) The Laze have continued this tradition with their own modern composition for the classic 1925 film that combines 70′s Goblin-esque stylings with instrumental arrangements that are perfect for a film as revered and cherished as this. And now you can hear the whole thing! So head on down below to listen to the full soundtrack (courtesy of FactMag).”


And here, is what we are more familiar with when it comes to the always tasty Laze


Meanwhile, always like it when Gregory J posts up a Facebook e ent page for one of his Lovely Little Girls gigs, might be on the other side of the world (unless you’re reading this from the other side of the world that is) but there’s always a band or two to explore as a result of his post….next week Lovely little Girls are playing Chicago with Evasive Backlip, never heared of them before, here’s a taste…

artcarbootliverpool11EVASIVE BACKFLIP

“Evasive Backflip has a knack for creating music that feels awkward without trying to be awkward, and manages this without ever completely abandoning all sense of melody. Their latest single, with its appropriately oddly clumsy title, takes a proggy, math framework and tilts it with a bit of punk sentiment and spastic oddities. Over its five minute run, ‘Orange You Glad to See Orange You?’ feels everything from urgent to lackadaisical, from sporadic to calculated.”-Local Loop Chicago”


And just in case you haven’t been paying attention


And while we’re here, some new earfood from always excellent black-hearted Indianapolis band  WE ARE HEX landed today as well. here’s the blurb there’s the video….



We Are Hex’s new conjuring is a two-song 7″ to be released on Latest Flame Records.  The b-side is the already acclaimed “Tongues,” a nasty little ripper….  The a-side is “W.D.M.R.S.” named for the groundbreaking 1960s band Coven’s record Witchcraft Destroys Minds and Reaps Souls.  The high priestess herself, Jinx Dawson of Coven, guests on the track, joining her voice to lament, “goddamn the ghouls again, they fall like leaves when the summer ends.” This is just the latest in a trail of We Are Hex 7″s that have included “Lewd Nudie Animals,” produced by Jon Spencer, and “Twist the Witch’s Titty,” produced by Jack White”.





Right, got to go…. no time for all this….. More tomorrow, maybe

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