R.I.P King Robbo





Sad news running around the graffiti writer networks tonight,  London graffiti legend Robbo has passed away.  The man they called king has been seriously ill for quite some time now, I guess the news was kind of expected, still a sad shock to hear the news tonight though. I thoughts are with Robbo’s family and friends.

I can’t really say I knew Robbo, spoke to him a couple of times, talk of football tags (they weren’t called tags back then), decent man, those who knew him far better always spoke highly of him, there’s a genuine sadness out there around the city tonight, a sadness via the (on-line) words of the graff and wider street art/art community,  a feeling of a need to celebrate a genuinely respected legend and artist. Rest in Peace Robbo., I suspect Team Robbo will paint on in celebration of you for many a year and  I’m sure Charley Pure Evil will not mind us posting his words here….

robbo2Damn just got the news about Robbo’s death , I’m still expecting him to show up in the gallery with tales of mischief , or just to have my day filled with his spirit.. Larger than life ? You bet.. I remember when he was working on his solo show and visiting his yard to see all the paintings he had been working on , how he was nervous to find out what people thought of his work and the direction he had gone in , I remember seeing the paintings , thick with bloody blisters of crimson paint, busting out and dripping down the canvas , cut into by a Robbo tag .. Just mad colours everywhere in this chaotic yard.. Bloody brilliant.
I remember the night I got back to London from a trip to Amsterdam after his accident and descending into the auction for him at Cargo .. A complete show of force from everybody who loved him and were hurting because he couldn’t be there .. What a night.. I’m going to miss you man , I’m so glad our paths crossed..  Kings never die..
”   (Charley Urzell Edwards AKA Pure Evil)



STOP PRESS:: There’s a BBC News feature now, focuses far too much on the Banksy thing/….

“Graffiti artist King Robbo, who rose to prominence in London in the 1980s and notoriously feuded with fellow artist Banksy, has died. The 45-year-old had been in a vegetative state since 2011 when he was found at the bottom of a flight of stairs with a head injury. His team paid tribute to him after he died on Thursday, claiming he “changed the art world forever”.

On Robbo’s website, his team wrote: “Peace and respect to Robbo’s close family and friends… the Crew of Team Robbo and WRH and all his many fans and supporters around the world. “Team Robbo – “All the way” – Robbo changed the art world…forever!”

Team Robbo have painted an R on the canal in tribute to the artist

Team Robbo have painted an R on the canal in tribute to the artist




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