ORGAN THING: Ten years on, remembering the battle of Robbo and Banksy…

Organ Thing of The Day? The day after Christmas and we’re taking just one more day off, well kind of, there is paint to throw, art can’t stop, writing about other people’s art can wait until tomorrow when I imagine we’ll be back on the case. Here’s a throwback, ten years ago, we covered it extensively here on these fractured Organ pages at the time, seems like everyone was caught up in it, ten years on from the the 2009 Christmas day battle of King Robbo and Banksy. How serious it all was we’ll never know, it certainly seemed like a lot more than “a bit of a laugh” at the time. Here’s Dave Stuart’s take on it all over on his Graffoto blog, we’ll be back tomorrow


Previous Robbo coverage

ORGAN THING: KIng Robbo, In the words of Charley Urzell Edwards, “Drax nails it…”

Roobo’s name has been sprayed all over the world today, his legend celebrated and words not needed, well besides these…. In the words of Charley Urzell Edwards, “Drax nails it..” “The King is dead! Early on the morning of April 2nd 2011 my mate John had a violent fall in which he did irreparable damage… more

R.I.P King Robbo

  RIP ROBBO Sad news running around the graffiti writer networks tonight,  London graffiti legend Robbo has passed away.  The man they called king has been seriously ill for quite some time now, I guess the news was kind of expected, still a sad shock to hear the news tonight though. I thoughts are with… more


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