ORGAN PREVIEW: OFF THE WALL The 9th Terrace Annual Open, it opens this Saturday for just one day…

offthewall_flyerOrgan Thing of Day….  A thing before the day is gone and we need wings so we can fly, above the walls so we can look down at the icing on the world or the walls of the terrace. When is it good or not good, a worthy subject said somebody else…

This Saturday sees the 9th Annual Off The Wall art show event. For one day each year you don’t need wings to fly over and see all the buds and spawn that spend the rest of the year in the thunder and rain locked behind the walls.. ..

The 9th Terrace Annual Open, happens at 4-17 Frederick Terrace, London E8 4EW
from 3 to 7pm on Saturday 9th of August 2014 in a beautifully industrial looking red brick high-walled yard in East London (almost underneath Haggerston railway station).

Last year’s 8th Terrace Annual attracted more than 150 entries and brought together a group of over 70 international artists whose work was installed alongside the previous eight years 250 entries. This one day only show is held outdoors in a private walled former piece of wasteland.

The works have been exposed to the elements for up to eight years – They have shifted, faded, broken, rotted, remained and, in some cases, disappeared.

2014 Off The Wall - hang in progress...

2014 Off The Wall – hang in progress…


The 9th Terrace Annual Open ‘Off The Wall’ is on Saturday the 9th of August 2014 from 3-7pm and will include a Bar, BBQ, Cakes, DJ, Legion TV, Nocturne Lighting and more. After show drinks from 7pm at The Duke of Wellington, Haggerston Road, London E8

A film made three years ago…. A short film made by Abstract Critical about the Terrace Annual Show


I first heard about this show when one of the artists involved in last year’s event came to me and asked me to break in and get her painting back, seems she had misunderstood what was happening. I loved the idea, I love art that decays, I love leaving things out for the weather to work on, couldn’t wait to get involved this year with my Dirty Great Flower painted on a wooden packing case (last seen on the wall of the Chinese New Year show back at the start of the year).  I didn’t go and break in and I see she’s back on the wall again this year with a new piece. Personally, without wanting To wish my life away, I can’t wait for the yard to open again for the 2015 event and to see how the Dirty Great Flower and everything else has evolved….



Here’s a taste of fresh things being hung for this year alongside the beautiful decay of previous years…




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