ORGAN THING OF THE DAY? Where are The Ex playing now? What about Pissed Jeans? How was First Thursday? Who stole the beer?

Emma Harvey (Virtue)

Emma Harvey (Virtue)

Really should at least attempt to write another Thing of the day type thing really, or should I? We could go on about the Jabbowocky fall out and where Pissed Jeans are playing with Earth now (Birthday’s Stoke Newington), or where The Ex have ended up.  This weekend’s Jabbowocky festival in London has been cancelled, the ATP people will explain why, ATP are, on the whole, good peoples, I’m sure they’ve agonized over it  (dubious venue they picked though, you’d never get me there). That first link up there will furnish you with all the rumours, we only deal in the fact and fiction.  Here’s your daily dose of God, how good is this version! You can never have too many plagues. Of course the place to keep track on who’s playing where and when in London is here



No time for a Thing today, things are way way too busy, here’s some highlights from last Thursday’s First Thursday at Cultivate and such…. Art Does Not Take A Holiday…

August First Thursday

Start again…..

So we made it through our 36th First Thursday in a row at Cultivate, a rather pleasing night, busy busy, one of the busier First Thursdays of recent times. Still always busy on a First Thursday of course but it is all relative and it was a shame to see one or two of the bigger galleries choosing to close and head off on holiday instead of being part of something that I always saw as being about a collective whole rather than individual galleries and art spaces. See the thing that’s hopefully still special about Vyner Street, something that is worth fight for, is the thing as a whole, the whole street and the collection of galleries, art spaces, artists studios and more that are all together in one unique and spacial street, yeah yeah yeah, you might sneer at Vyner street and yes there may be a lot to sneer at, but you really are going to miss it when it has finally all gone.  I always thought it was about a collection and community of people that make the street unique, always disappointing when some lucky enough to be involved in this special street don’t see it light that (especially with the onslaught of urbanist property developers who claim to be about community looking to kill it all off and pocket the profit as they pollute the once unique street with their developments, impose their…. nah, enough of that, you know what I mean)

August First Thursday

Art Does not take a holiday, get your spaces open and treasure your street while you still have it to treasure!  You need to put in the time and effort, not just live off the back of it. August First Thursday was a good one, always a little stressful for me, it was good though, I love the interaction, the art talk, the relaxed atmosphere, the open door and everything that goes with it, the breaking down of barriers,  love it all – well besides the person who stole my beer and one of my paintings, don’t love that – I’d been attempting to not drink all day, a day that started at 11am and ended up being a twelve hour non-stop no-break shift for me (yes I know, I though t we’d evolved it in to some kind of collective of artists working together, not sure where everyone else was again?). So yes, to the person who stole one of my paintings, hope you enjoy it, if you wanted it that much, I really hope you get something out of it (and if you see fit go donate something to Saint Josephs Hospice just up the road from Vyner Street), to the person who stole my one bottle of specially saved beer, a bottle of beer that I had been looking forward to all evening, what a low down snake of thing to do! What a despicable thing to do, way way way out of order! Probably one of you beard growing hipsters wasn’t it, have a good look at yourself in the mirror, and not to admire your frankly silly looking beard, you dirty low-down beer thief!

aaa_cultevolved_holidayFirst Thursday was a (beer-free) stressful twelve hour buzz, thirty six in a row without a break, the next one (if we make it to September First Thursday) will be our third birthday event, three whole years of First Thursdays, fighting of developers, beer-thieves, urbanists, beard growers, artist egos, three years of the unfriendly WIlkinson stare (they still can’t bring themselves to smile or say hello after almost three years, they just stare). Will we make it to September First Thursday? Never mind that, right now we have holiday breaks on our minds, where shall we go? Feet up by the pool?

ART DOES NOT GO ON HOLIDAY. a two week show brought to you in the spirit of lastminute dot com… .     .    COME JOIN IN! Real artists don’t go on holiday!


The Next Two Weeks – 14th August to 27th August  – Our guest wall for the next two weeks will feature art that excites us enough to make us want to hang it during this holiday month. Art Does Not Go On Holiday, we wil lnot be stopping and Cultivate will be open (and especially open for all those people who come to London and Vyner Street during their holidays)

HOLIDAY POSTCARD CALL – We invite artists (and anyone else) to send us postcards from their holidays – send postcards, sticks of rock and whatever you want to CULTIVATE, 49 Mowlem Street, London E2 9HE. We shall not be on holiday, we shall be here working, painting, curating, doing things, getting on with art…

“Holidays are for wimps” (Louis Van Gaal)


August First THursday

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