ORGAN THING OF THE DAY: Last minute free London show for OUGHT and BIG UPS



Blahblah other party Other thing, more on the Jabberwocky fall out, excellent Canadian band OUGHT and U.S Band BIG UPS rescue part of their broken weekend with an excellent double free entry bill over here in East London gig at the Old Blue Last, Here come some details now, you’ll need ot get there pretty early I imagine, that’s if you want to add to your already pretty happy life and you have nothing else to do, are you the sort who doesn’t know what to do with yourself half of the time? Ought, been around long enough to be championed by Organ back in the days when some people say Organ actually mattered, no pulling the wool over your own eyes.  Details then.

The Old Blue Last — Free, Friday15th Aug, doors 7pm. “We’re pleased to announce Montreal-based OUGHT and Brooklyn’s BIG UPS are playing a one-off free show in the wake of the sadly now-cancelled Jabberwocky festival. First come, first served. Doors at 7pm”.



Chaos then as London promoters pick over the bones… glad we don’t put gigs on anymore…. Meanwhile, down by the canal, the hundred pieces are still being put out, started at Hackney WickED and on it goes goes until the last one hits the street at the end of the month….




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