ORGAN THING OF THE DAY: New Child Abuse album and a Straight Out Of Compton taster…

Child Abuse

Child Abuse

The game’s gone mad, don’t be coming around here asking about blue milk or anything else blue.  Child Abuse have just announced a European tour, over here in London in October so it would seem, just one UK date, 17th October. Here’s the latest news from the Skin Graft office

“I announced that we were preparing to release the third album from New York’s CHILD ABUSE, that’s their brand new promo photo .The album is titled “Trouble In Paradise” and it will be out on LP and CD this October to coincide with their European Tour. We are also planning on offering a special Ultimate Edition direct to SKiN GRAFT mailiorder customers which will bundle a colored vinyl LP with a CD version and a bonus non-LP track. We’ll have more details soon, but to get your ears salivating, we’ve uploaded a preview MP3 of the track “Straight Out Of Compton” at the SKiN GRAFT Audio Page HERE.”


And here’s some new DOOMSDAY STUDENT…


DOOMSDAY STUDENT “Disappearing” from the album “A Walk Through Hysteria Part” available from



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