ORGAN THINGS: Some new KAYO DOT, some SOLAR WIMP and How To Organise Your Life & Get Rid Of Clutter…

Tuesday things, in a rush today, no time to be here dishing out’s some signposts and link, you can do the exploring today…. ….

KAYO DOT have released a new track ahead of their next album, read more about it over at Brooklyn Vegan, here’s the track…


SOLAR WIMP? Who are they? Don’t ask me, here’s they are, came to our attention simply because they’re on the bill with the ever excellent Upsilon Acrux over at The Smell over there somewhere in California… We always make a point of checking out anyone on bills with Upsilon (or indeed Chicago’s Lovely Little Girls)



How To Organise Your Life & Get Rid Of Clutter

“A super limited run of 50 self-dubbed, hand assembled cassettes.  Recorded over the 1996 self-help classic audiobook of the same name, with passages of original audio.

In a world of throwaway internet content, this is a small attempt at making the vehicle itself have some kind of meaning. Recycled self-help will carry our music to your ears. Another artefact to lose on your untidy shelf, already covered with stuff you don’t need. As each of these will be done by hand with no professional equipment, patience will be a virtue”.



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