ORGAN THING OF THE DAY: Jonesy in East London, Toupée in Chicago, a piece left in Folkestone…

Folkstone, 2014

SW – Folkestone, 2014

Arms out, never mind, yesterday’s news, today’s chip paper, time and tide waits for no one, and as Rothko put it yesterday, we don’t do this for the music industry and business heads, we do it for the human beings. Rothko, what a glorious man, never a compromise or a painting hanging where people are eating like pigs. Not that we have anything against pigs, just those like pigs in New York restaurants or those who want our lips without looking at them. Nice eyes said the collector of things, as the red paint fell over yesterday’s page of things. Things?  Past a couple of Jonesy pieces today whilst out in the East London late summer sun dealing with things you don’t really need to know about   There’s another one left in Folkestone during the Fringe



Fifth Wall made this rather beautiful video, I kind of like the unforced innocence of it all, street art is such a forced business these days – “In the winter of 2013 we explored the depths of artists and sculptor Jonesy. This is the first time anyone’s been given access to Jonesy’s amazing East London studio and it’s been an absolute pleasure to be the first to get behind such a talented artist”.

Toupée…one of the best in Chicago right now. wowza! They have gotten incredibly good, and this video really shows what a great frontwoman Couteau L. Sang is” said Lovely Little Girls driving force Gregory Jacobsen .


Every year, a few dozens bands descend upon the small mountain town of Missoula, Montana with blunt force. Total Fest is a multi-day music festival. Toupée, one of the best bands from Chicago, kicked off their final day in 2014. Here are some new songs, and “Cranial Walker” off their excellent debut, “Dinner Parties”. Filmed at the Badlander. /  / /




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