ORGAN THINGS: So who are Piss? No time for things? What price art? Neneh Cherry & The Thing

wicksat18Shall we have a thing today, or a string, a string of things?  A string of means, of beans, of runner beans, a string driven thing, the thing, The Thing? Thing is, hang on, let’s have some Thing…. There’s been no time for things, what with all the things happening right now, paint comes before words and this week lots of other things have had to as well. This week has mostly been about painting fresh growth on found packing cases, that and leaving things….

WHAT PRICE ART? Today and for this weekend at Cultivate, you set the price on ALL my work that is in or indeed outside the space – You can name the price today on any of my pieces in the gallery and I will accept the offer with no discussion, no debate and no reaction other than to take your price and hand over the work. Only rule is no more than one piece per person. This included the big packing case pieces painted this week


Things? No time, here’s some Thing….


….thing is, what about things? No time for things, never mind that, Play Some Flipping Stooges, here’s more things….



So who are PISS? Piss are a raging blasting blistering hardcore car crash of a delight, proper stuff, they’re from Berlin and they play London this Sunday night, 14th September, catch them at Power Lunches, Kingsland Road,  Dalston, alongside PREGNANCY SCARES,  DIAGNOSIS BASTARD and DETERGENTS – an Organ recommended gig over on the ever useful London Gigs website – don’t know too much about the rest of the bill, love the sound of Piss though….



Neneh Cherry & The Thing ”A Tribute to Don Cherry” – Jazzaldia 2012 Musicians: NENEH CHERRY – voice, MATS GUSTAFSSON – tenor & baritone sax, live electronics, INGEBRIGT HÅKER FLATEN – double bass, electric bass, PAAL NILSSEN-LOVE – drums Filmed at the 47th Jazzaldia, Festival de Jazz de San Sebastián, 23 Julio 2012, Plaza de la Trinidad, Donosti, Spain

Normal service may or may not return tomorrow, here’s some packing cases, what price art?



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